Trifold Security: Tecno Phantom 6 Plus is 3x More Secure, 3x More Personal

Smartphones have become the safest and easiest place for mobile device users to store their important files, multimedia content, contact details, e-wallet etc.

Though this practice is very convenient however, it can also be a problem if the device cannot lock out unpermitted users.

The Phantom 6 Plus comes with state-of-the-art trifold security that includes a fingerprint scanner, eye recognition reinforced security and a reliable antivirus.

Unlock your smartphone within the “blink of an eye” in just 0.3s

eye-printThe fingerprint recognition feature on the Phantom 6 Plus is highly sensitive and very reliable; as a matter of fact, it unlocks the Phantom 6 Plus in only 0.3s – just about the same time its takes the average human eye to blink. The fingerprint scanner is beautifully positioned below the rear camera of the device to make it easy for users to place their index finger on the fingerprint scanner making it difficult for onlookers to be able to figure out exactly how the device was unlocked. Interestingly, up to 5 users can be granted permission to unlock the Phantom 6 Plus with their fingerprint.

Allow your eyes to do the magic

Just like the fingerprint sensor, the eye scanner enables the user to create a password that are uniquely theirs. The eye scanner can be used to add an additional layer of security just after that of the fingerprint for a more holistic biometric authentication. In about 100,000 tests, not a single error has been identified while using the eye-scanner feature of the Phantom 6 plus.

Play safe whether offline or online

The Phantom 6 Plus comes with a USD9.99 value Trustlook anti-virus software pre-installed on it for free. This anti-virus protects the Phantom 6 Plus from malware, viruses and security loopholes on the Android platform round-the-clock ensuring that users can surf the Internet and play around several applications bug free. The Android system accounts for 97% of viruses on Mobile Phones and with the help of the Trustlook antivirus, users of the Phantom 6 Plus can play safe when using their smartphone online – something other smartphone brands cannot boast about.

If you must trust your devices with your important documents then you must be sure it is robust enough to hold such data and secure enough to shut out intruders.

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