Medbridge Consortium, Ministry of Health, Announce First Healthcare Simulation Conference in Nigeria


The use of human for medical research and experiment may soon be a thing of the past in Nigeria, as the Federal Ministry of Health in collaboration with Medbridge Consortium embarks on first medical simulation conference.

Medical Simulation, which is an advanced learning tool for healthcare providers offers alternative to the use of natural human organs for laboratory experiment.

A release issued by Dr. Bamidele Moyo-Angel, Project Manager of Medbridge Consortium, a US-based medical services provider announced in Abuja that the planned conference would gather together over 600 stakeholders that would receive the first training on medical simulation.

According to Moyo-Angel, the process “bridges theory to practice in a safe and interactive learning environment. With computer-controlled simulation technology, healthcare simulation enables healthcare providers to develop the cognitive and psychomotor skills essential to safe and effective healthcare practice. At the same time, gain competence and trust in their ability to safely perform clinical skills with live patients.

“A simulation environment allows the learners to practice and repeat procedures as often as necessary in order to correct mistakes and fine-tune their skills until they achieve favourable clinical outcomes.”

“The conference is targeting 600+ medical stakeholders, with the goal to hold face-to-face discussions with the best and brightest minds in the simulation industry abroad to discuss the problems and hurdles in the healthcare practices, professional ethics, and to expose the delegates on the needs to adopt and implement medical simulation technology into the African healthcare education system.

“The overall goal is to bring about meaningful and necessary changes, to improve healthcare services, patient safety, competency, efficiency and best practice for the healthcare providers in Nigeria.

“Looking forward from the conference, it is our hope that the educational methods, treatment techniques and equipment illustrated within the scope of this conference will serve as a call for change in healthcare education and delivery in Africa,” he further stated.

“The change will offer immediate benefits to African governments, healthcare educators and providers across Africa, and African medical and nursing students and practitioners. This change will also generate the important advantage that funds hitherto exported by many members of the African elite for medical services out of Africa will begin to be dispensed in Africa. The governments, economies, and healthcare systems will benefit considerably from this conference,” he added.

The first Healthcare Simulation Conference with the theme ‘Today, The Future and Beyond’ will hold on October 27 to 28, at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja, Nigeria. The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac F. Adewole is the Chief Host and other government dignitaries are expected to be in attendance.