NPA Dislodges Policemen Using Containers as Abode in Port


The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has dislodged officers of the Port Police Command using containers in Lagos Port Complex (LPC), Apapa as residence.

They were ordered to vacate LPC before the end of the month for the fact that the place is not residential.

Handing over the order, NPA Executive Director, Marine and Operations, Dr. Sekonte Davies said the affected officers were those that are new in Lagos and also lack accommodation.

As part of the responsibility of the NPA as a landlord of the ports , the authority provides office accommodation but not residential for all the security and para- military agencies namely , the Nigerian Customs Service , the Nigerian Police Force among others which officers serve at the ports.

Davies also stated that the NPA is considering tenancy in all spaces hitherto occupied by government and private agencies at the nation’s seaports as a source of additional revenue as the port area is a commercial entity where all tenants should be ready to pay for rent at the rate to be determined by the NPA.

He however explained that the payment for the rent, as it concerns government agencies, would only apply to those who have budgetary provision for such in the Ports.

He enjoined operators within the port to improve the sanitary conditions at their operational areas, whilst assuring that NPA would provide them with requisite enabling environment towards ensuring efficient operation at the port to make their working condition conducive.

He assured operators within Lagos Pilotage district that the NPA would strive to meet the needs of Shipping Companies and Terminal Operators within the Pilotage district but urged them to fulfil their financial obligation to the Organization assiduously.

The tour took Davies and his entourage to several places including the Control Tower, and the Fire Station. He said the environmental sanitation of the complex should be maintained at all times.