ASA, Nigeria’s First Sales-Focused Reality Competition Debuts


The first ever Nigerian Sales reality competition is set to commence. Tagged ‘Africa Sales Academy’ (ASA), this is a groundbreaking platform created by SBA Interactive and the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy (OLCA) as a unique opportunity to challenge and motivate ambitious individuals with a passion for sales, towards a progressive and financially rewarding career. The sales academy in accordance with its civic responsibility of nation building is designed to harness potential and increase the employability quotient of job seekers.

The sales guru, Segun Akande, said the reality show is designed to combine the best elements of coaching, recruitment and reality television in a truly unprecedented manner that is not only educative, but also inspiring, empowering and fun. The programme, which has plans to cover the entire African region in the near future will be launched in Lagos this year.

Like any true reality competition, it will go through phases beginning with applications and filtering, then intensive coaching, live competitions and final selections. However, unlike random reality competitions, the Sales Academy will mentor, coach and empower every applicant who makes the top 1,000 list, and also have cash prizes for the final 250 participants, third prize winner, second prize winner and a grand prize of three million naira for the over.

One of the founders of the academy, Lanre Olusola said that in today’s tough economic
where organisations are downsizing. The Africa Sales Academy and her partners are giving hope and empowering entrepreneurs to create their own businesses and also create employment.
The Head of Commercial Retail, Leadway Assurance Company Limited, TunjiAmokade, explained why it is partnering with the Academy.

“Our core values drives our operations and enable us to understand the importance of balance within our environment and the mutuality of purpose. It is this ideal that inspires our commitment to a sustainable CSR initiative that enables us ensure a better life for those around us and it is on this basis, that we see the need to support any initiative that creates

jobs and reduces the rate of unemployment in the job market which in effect will lend its support to the growth of the nation’s economy.”

Applications into the academy will open at on October 24 where participants can register and take the automated online tests. The sales academy boasts of a robust faculty in the persons of sales guru, Akande, investment banker and theatre producer, Joseph Edgar and Life and Executive Coach, Lanre Olusola. According to the organisers, representatives of partners will also play major mentorship roles and provide support to the sales contestants during the live shows.

Joseph Edgar said a major part of the sales academy competition would be the entrepreneurship training for the top 1000 participants, where 50 entrepreneurs with top business ideas that solve problems locally and across Africa will be further selected. The academy will assist them with registering their businesses and put them in an entrepreneurship incubator to be nurtured and mentored holistically by a team of experts.