Maryland Mall Unveils LED Advertisement Screen


Few months after the inauguration of the new Maryland Mall, its promoters have unveiled a light-emitting diode (LED) advertisement screen, believed to be the largest in Sub -saharan Africa. The LED billboard, tagged ‘The Dragon’ is mounted on the external façade of the mall, 60 metres long and nine metres high.

Speaking at the unveiling, Managing Partner, Purple Capital Media, Laide Agboola, said the billboard manufactured by renowned LED Company, Rotapanel from the Netherlands, is the longest in West Africa and 50th of its kind in the world.

According to him, the board offers a strategic advertising point for brands in Nigeria given its strategic location and unique features. He also pointed out that it would be a major advertisement point for biggest brands in the country in the likes of Stanbic IBTC which he said has taken a slot on the screen already. “We have other strong brands and we are having discussion with others to come on board,” he added.

“This LED billboard, the Dragon is the final piece of the puzzle of the mall. It’s going to be an advertising point for the biggest brands in the country today and some brands already book a place on the screen and more would be unveiled.

“Over 5000 cars ply this road in all directions within an hour. Imagine what that amounts to in a full day circle. It’s clearly a major hub for any advert to be on. The screen is very technical it can do live screening and also has social interactive features such as Twitter fountain scroller, Video playback capability and a Feedticker.

“Brands will be screened on eight seconds circle. The screen can take ten brands at a go. Everyone and half minute, you would see the brand all over again from 5: am in the morning till 1: am the following morning. The exposure a brand would get would be quite significant,” he said.
He also noted that the board is not just for the biggest brands, as small and medium scale businesses who want short term exposure can buy space on the billboard.

The brand owners believed that the inhabitants of Maryland and its environ will be ecstatic to see “The Dragon” light up the Maryland axis of the busy Ikorodu road.

The LED screen is already a major attraction and has features such as a Twitter fountain scroller, Video playback capability and a Feedticker. These would make it a socially interactive board and one in which advertisers can utilise for full engagement of the public.

On the strategic positioning of the screen, Agboola said that research reveals that over 5500 vehicles pass through the axis in all directions every hour. “In every sense of it, the exposure every brand will get is quite significant. This is clearly a major hub for any advertising activity”.

He explained that the screen is a technical screen as it can do live streaming, be engaged as a social media platform. But what we want to do commercially is to allow brands to display for seconds in a circle. He added that this will go round from about 5am to 1am the following morning which is about 20 hour cycle.

Also speaking, the architect in charge of the building, Tosin Oshinowo, said the big screen was part of the plan from the beginning. She said the whole planning was for horizontal and vertical revenue opportunity.

“It is an intelligent screen. At night the board can be brighter and during the day, it dims itself. It can also show motion and still images. It is also interactive. It can show football,” she said.