Osinbajo: Despite Provocation, Christians Shouldn’t Seek Revenge


Paul Obi in Abuja

The Vice-President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), monday in Abuja urged Christians not to seek revenge, notwithstanding the circumstances they find themselves, stating that they should unite to build a united country with common interest.

He also stated that there was need to remain optimistic as God would guide the country to the Promised Land of recovery, restoration and rejoicing.

The vice president, represented by the Chaplain of the Aso Villa Chapel, Pastor Joseph Oluseyi Malomo, threw the challenge last Sunday night in Abuja during the 2016 National Open Day of the Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) with the theme: ‘Raising nation builders on campus.’

He added: “Nigeria needed a tribe of men and women of all faiths, tribes and ethnicity, adding that it should be firmly committed to high values of integrity, hard work, justice and love of country.”

He said: “This new tribe of Nigerians should stick together, and fight the national ills side by side. NIFES can lead in that challenging effort. In that mission, God is always on our side. Christian groups in the country have a role to play in nation-building and raising competent leaders.

“As believers, one of the key lessons to learn and pass on as we raise nation builders is about Christian values of love and peace. We ought to be in the forefront of promoting understanding, building walls and creating an environment of true godliness.

“Our Christian mandate is not to seek revenge or be spiteful or even become implacable, understanding that living in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation, all hands must be on deck to foster unity, peace and progress.”

He called on Nigerians to be their brothers keeper regardless of their religious persuasions or ethnic identities in order to build a nation.

Osinbajo applauded the efforts of NIFES on “the role it has played in nation-building and the impact it was making on the campuses since the past 48 years.”

Former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd), represented by the Secretary of ‘Nigeria Prays,’ Austin Kemie, urged the youths to rise up and be nation builders
He urged NIFES to continue in the great work of lighting the fire of revival throughout the country.

Also speaking, Bayelsa State Governor, Henry Seriake Dickson, stated that the greatness of a nation lies on the summation of the potential of her youths.
He stressed that the problem facing the world is that: “We are building a one-dimensional human beings.”

Dickson further bemoaned the collapse in the essential Christian foundation even in the western world which is affecting the citizens, stressed the need to raise transformational leaders that would impact the nation.