Group Demands Closure of Iranian Embassy in Nigeria


By Ugo Aliog,  Abdulkareem Azeezat  and Saheed  Sakariyah

Following the support of the Iranian Government to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) led Ibrahim El Zakzaky, the Sovereign Rights Coalition (SRC) has demanded for an immediate closure of the Iranian Embassy in Nigeria.

The group who expressed concern that the Iranian government was  sponsoring extremist religious groups to cause instability in the country, disclosed this yesterday in Lagos during a peaceful protest.

Speaking at the protest, the Coordinator of the group, Comrade Aaron Aaron, lamented that the war against terrorism was one of the issues the country has had to deal with in recent times, adding that the essence of the protest was to register their rejection of imperialism and terror from religious extremists and their sponsors.

 He also noted that in the last decade, there have been a rising of religious fanatic groups which have unsuccessfully attempted to foist their beliefs on innocent Nigerians using terror as their tool of evangelism.

“Today the gallant Nigerian Army has gotten the upper hand in this fight and most of these groups have been brought in check. However, it is our belief that even the little cells of terrorist groups be check- mated,” he noted.

Aaron further explained that IMN led by its leader El Zakzakky had attempted an assault on the Chief of Army Staff and his motorcade in Kaduna, during which he was arrested and a cache of arms was recovered.

He further stated, “Unfortunately even after this blatant display of disregard for the nation’s security, these terrorists have continued to display insensitive discount for the nation’s sovereignty in their treasonable attempts to occupy parts of the nation in a bid to form their own republic. 

“It is on this belief that we are here today to establish our reproach for the postponed trial of Mr. Ibrahim El Zakzaky who is the leader of this notorious sect which has and is still reigning terror on masses in Northern Nigeria.”


Aaron added that the Republic of Iran was not an ally of Nigeria, but a detractor adding that its presence on Nigerian soil was an affront to Nigerian sovereignty, “the Iranians are major sponsors of terror in Nigeria and particularly the IMN.”


He urged the Nigerian security agencies to investigate reports of recruitment and funding of terrorist by the Iranians to prevent further acts of terror on Nigerian soil.