WorkPlace Plus Expands Virtual Office Solutions Initiative for SMEs


The Executive Chairman of WorkPlace Plus Limited, Mr. Ayo Akinmade, has reiterated the firm’s resolve to promote business initiatives in the country by offering a wide range of business support to emerging entrepreneurs.

Speaking at a recent press conference on plans by the organisation to expand its presence in the West Africa region, Akinmade observed that the current economic situation in the country has posed serious challenge to entrepreneurs and as such running a formidable and profitable business in Nigeria is becoming difficult.

WorkPlace Plus Limited, he said, is the operator of the Regus franchise in West Africa which provides serviced office spaces, and a host of other office solutions to global and local businesses.

The company, he explained, was formed about a decade ago and the objective at the time was to approach Regus, a world leader in virtual offices about a franchise for West Africa, in a release signed by Muyiwa George.
“WorkPlace plus is ideal for someone who is at home with a great business idea and needs a professional place to operate from. We also cater to our clients in different ways. For example, we have what we call virtual products, which is a telephone answering service where we would give you a phone line, answer the phone professionally, take your messages and relay your messages to you.”

Speaking further, he said operators of businesses can also decide to combine that option with mail handling, and this would involve the firm to handle clients’ physical mail, which will be kept for and redirected to clients when necessary or a client could elect to rent office space, combined with the two services and only use it when necessary.
On advantages of the initiative, Akinmade, said business operators are exposed to professional environment as they will have access to other multinationals and great businesses that are already in the cluster.

On locations, Akinmade explained, “Our selection process involves us picking the best buildings at the time. Key word here is at the time. Over time, it may deteriorate. In picking the exact location, prime real estate is ideally on the main road or a side road which is easily accessible. Health and safety is critical for us, so the building must be able to comply with certain health and safety standards.”