Intel Reiterates Commitment to Connect Women to Technology


Emma Okonji

To further connect women and girls to the boundless opportunities on the internet, Intel has said it would continue to create awareness for the ‘Intel She Will Connect Mobile App’ initiative.

The ‘Intel She Will Connect Mobile App’ is a platform for women and girls to learn how to use mobile devices, personal computers (PCs) and the internet safely.

The key highlights of ‘Intel She Will Connect Mobile App’ include the step-by-step approach with interactive activities and simulations on how to use a computer and mobile phone; an introduction on how to use the internet to research health and wellness information, education, and starting a business; Inspirational stories from women on how technology is enhancing their lives; valuable tips on Internet safety and social media usage like Facebook.

It is designed for women in sub-Saharan Africa who are new to digital devices and the internet.
Speaking on the usefulness of the app at a ‘She Will Connect Mobile App’ hands-on-session in Lagos recently, Intel Digital Empowerment Director for Community Education, Marne Dunn, stated that research has shown that there is a huge digital divide in technology and there are 25 per cent less women online in developing countries and the number rises to 43 per cent in sub-Saharan Africa.

“To help bridge the existing digital divide, the Intel She Will Connect Awareness App was created, and it is a fantastic tool that NGOs, individuals and even schools especially in rural areas can adopt to educate girls on digital literacy,” Marne said.

According to Marne, “The ‘She Will Connect Awareness App’ is a perfect app for women to learn how to use mobile devices, PCs, and the Internet safely. This app aims to promote gender equality through awareness, basic education, and sharing inspirational stories of women who have benefited greatly by connecting to the Internet. This app includes easy-to-understand learning instructions, clean modern visuals, educational games, and useful tips.”

The ‘She Will Connect Mobile App’ can be downloaded from the Google Play App store on any Android device and can be used seamlessly without internet access once downloaded.