UK, Nigerian Firms to Generate Electricity, Build Mini Refineries in Nigeria


Ejiofor Alike

Evolve Trading & Investment Ltd with offices in the United Kingdom and Nigeria has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Awaritse Nigeria Limited, a local oil service company with global representation, to introduce mini refineries with the capacity to process crude oil, produce water and also generate electricity.

The partnership was signed after meetings in London between Awaritse Nigeria Ltd team and Evolve Trading & Investments, represented by Mr. George Karstein Irvine, Senior Vice President and Godwin Omar Atsimene Jnr., Strategic Alliance Partner.

Speaking during the MoU signing ceremony, Irvine noted that his company’s innovative refining technology was far ahead of global standards.

“Our innovative refining technology is far ahead of the standard refining process, which does not produce the additional outputs of electricity and drinking water. The unit has been named the ‘Genesis Life Cube (GLC)’ and is based upon the context of creating life by producing the basic elements of water and light. Evolve feel that these are the first building blocks needed to expand the socio-economic benefits to communities where the Genesis Life Cubes are sited,” Irvine explained.

Commenting on behalf of his company, Atsimene argued that the partnership would be a game-changer for the oil-rich Niger Delta.

“The Evolve GLCs are going to be a game changer for the Niger Delta region which has suffered from years of neglect and environmental degradation. The GLC could easily replace the illegal modular refineries in the region and produce refined products, water, electricity as well as create jobs in the communities in the region,” Atsimene added.

The GLC has the ability to produce a basic yield of refined products designed for the local market as well as electricity and drinking water for local consumption.

Apart boosting the local capacity to refine our products, it will help to mitigate against the challenges associated with the transfer the crude feedstock via third party pipelines or by road for further transportation by sea to a foreign destination only to be re-imported as refined products.

This innovative approach will reduce risks almost to zero given that processing, power generation and reverse osmosis associated with crude oil refinery will now be done in one location with the range of outputs becoming immediately available. Apart from creating employment opportunities, Evolve will train host communities as a deliberate policy of giving back to them to ensure a win-win for all.

It is envisaged that each unit will provide up to 20MW of power and up to 800,000litres of fresh drinking water per day based upon a maximum processing capacity of 30.000bpd of crude oil. Expectedly the GLC units are going to be provided on a fully funded basis and as such the company is discussing with the federal government agencies.