Buhari Can’t Win Corruption War without Moral Rejuvenation, Says Ex-JNI Secretary General


By Hammed Shittu in Ilorin

Former Secretary General of Jamal Nusrillahi Society of Nigeria (JNI) Justice Abdulkadir Orire (rtd), yesterday  declared that the fight against corruption embarked upon by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration would not be successful until the administration develops a mechanism for moral rejuvenation and ethical rebirth among the teeming populace.

Justice Orire who was also former Kwara State Grand Khadi made this declaration in Ilorin during the 2016 Hijrah celebration held in Ilorin, the state capital.

According to him, “for Buhari’s anti graft war to be successful, religious studies should be made compulsory in all our educational institutions in Nigeria.”

He said: “In doing this, it  will make it possible for youths to have correct understanding of their religions and avoid wrong interpretations which more often than not bring instability.”

Orire also called on the federal and state governments to declare every first of Muharam ,the (First Day of New Islamic year) as work-free day.

“We are calling upon the government at the state and federal levels to declare first Muharram every year as work free day to enable the Nigerian Muslims celebrate the joyous occasion and mark the beginning of Allah’s Hijrah Year. It will amount to trampling on the Muslims fundamental human rights should government at all levels turn deaf ears to this demand by Muslims of this country,” he said.

In his lecture,the Mudirul Markaz, Sheik Abeebullahi Al-Ilory, challenged muslim ummah to reflect on the lessons of Hijrah to tackle the current economic crisis taking its toll on Nigerians.

He said Muslims should see Hijrah beyond mere migration from Mekkah to Medina as performed by Prophet Muhammed but as moment to reflect on the challenges facing them and how to solve them.

He particularly challenged Muslim Ummah in Ilorin Emirate, Kwara State and Nigeria as a whole to look inwards and explore untapped opportunities on how to develop the economy of the state rather than depending on revenue from federation account which according to him, was no longer forthcoming.

The Islamic  scholar who called on Muslims to explore their economic prowess for the upliftment of their status,urged them to go into agriculture, vocation and trade” in the face of effects of recession biting hard on the nation.

He said “no government job can make you rich unless you explore other legitimate areas like Agriculture,Vocation and Trade because what government is paying you as salaries is just for transport and feeding”.

He blamed the current hardship Nigerians were going through on many sins committed by the led and leadership for which he said they must pray for repentance and turn a new leaf.

Emir of Ilorin,Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, also in speech called on federal and state governments to consider making first Muharram every year as public holidays.

Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed who was represented by state commissioner for Education and Human capital development, Alhaji Musa Yeketi  said that, the issue of declaring first muharram as public holidays require legislation which he said require due process.

He said his administration had earmarked 30 Secondary Schools that will be upgraded to international standard.

Kwara State acting Grand Khadi, Justice Shehu Abdulbaki said Muslims”must migrate from disobedience of Allah;We must migrate from religious matters and migrate to adherence;we migrate from sins to absolute submission to Allah (S.W.T); and we migrate our hearts from affinity to this mundane life to love of the hereafter.”