Glo Greets Nigeria at 56


As Nigeria marks her 56th Independence Anniversary today, the Nigeria’s grandmaster of data, Globacom, has congratulated the government and people of country for keeping the nation together in spite of the challenges of the past.

In an anniversary message issued in Lagos on Friday, Globacom noted that the nation, Nigeria, had a lot to celebrate as the country marks yet another year of its existence as an independent state.  The message noted that in spite of the challenges that had confronted the country since independence, Nigeria had remained as an inseparable entity.

The company commended the citizens for their resilience, patriotism, industry and enterprise over the years, adding that it was optimistic that the present economic situation would soon be a thing of the past and Nigerians would smile again.

“As a company, we have no doubt that in no distant future, Nigeria will regain her leadership position as the biggest economy in Africa.  We believe that if all hands are on deck and all Nigerians give their unreserved support to the Federal Government, Nigeria has the expertise and material resources to bounce back from the present harsh economic situation,” the statement said.

The company noted that Nigerians were known for this happiness having once been declared as the happiest people in the world.

“Spread some happiness as we celebrate our nation’s birthday,” the company added.

“Our strength as a nation depends more on the resilience of the people. We owe it a duty to continue to pray for the good of the country and for wisdom for our leaders to be able to navigate the affairs of the country well.  We should not lose hope as a people because Nigeria is destined to be great and it shall be great,” the company prayed.

The giant telecoms operator appealed to Nigerians to shun vices and inculcate patriotic virtues.