Resist Election Rigging By All Means, Ize-Iyamu Tells Edo People


* ‘Protect Your Votes’

The Edo PDP governorship candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, has advised Edo people and other eligible voters to protect their votes and resist by all means possible any attempt by the APC, security agencies and other institutions to manipulate the governorship election scheduled for Wednesday.

Advising officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security agencies to do the right things by conducting a free, fair and acceptable election, the PDP candidate however stated that those who have planned to manipulate the election will be disgraced.

He also advised the electorate not to allow themselves to be insulted by Governor Adams Oshiomhole and his puppet candidate, Godwin Obaseki, through any inducement, saying the APC-led government that had
subjected them to unbearable hardship in nearly eight years cannot
come on Election Day to offer them money or rice just to purchase
their conscience.

In a press statement issued by the Media Unit of his campaign organisation on Sunday, Ize-Iyamu said that he is aware of the inhuman treatment many of his supporters and PDP leaders had been subjected to by the Nigeria Police Force and Oshiomhole’s hired thugs in the past few days, saying with the Almighty God using the electorate, Edo people would sing victory songs on Wednesday.

According to the statement, ‘’The September 28 gubernatorial election in Edo State is, in one respect, a contest between one man(Ize-Iyamu), who has always been in the tick of the politics of the state and Godwin Obaseki, a neophyte who found favour with a very discredited out-going governor.

‘’From a studied interest in the politics—over the past close to 30 years, Ize-Iyamu comes across as resilient as they go, and his understanding of the pervasive development challenges is awe-inspiring. He is a true leader with human feelings.

‘’That is why, on the surface, Godwin Obaseki, the green horn that he is, even in terms of party affiliation,  is a mismatch. And he is being propelled by Oshiomhole, whose penchant for arbitrariness in his handling of the state’s treasury makes this propulsion weighty.’’

Accusing Oshiomhole of acting as if he’s the one contesting the election, Ize-Iyamu said that in a way, he’s really the one contesting the election because he naturally wants someone to cover his dirty and criminal tracks after November 12, adding that it will never happen.

’The people of Edo have concerns over Godwin Obaseki, not only because of his questionable business dealings with Oshiomhole but, more importantly, his inability to account successfully for his academic qualifications’’, the PDP candidate added.

‘’Oshiomhole and Obaseki have become huge liabilities in the state because of their track record of hurting people with their insincerity, wickedness and ruthless sense of betrayal. Every known prominent people and others have had a taste of these traits.’’

Ize-Iyamu added that the only answer to the present sorry state of Edo
State is for good men and women to punish the APC on September 28
–during the governorship election, for subjecting them to abject and
gloomy poverty in nearly years.

In line with best established global practice, Pastor Ize-Iyamu
promised to immediately roll out a basic model of a long-term
people-centre economic development and empowerment plan to right the
wrong of Oshiomhole-led government after November 12.

‘’Our SIMPLE Agenda will break and reverse the deteriorating
prosperity of our youths, women, and pensioners. Under the present APC
government we are in the wrong track and we surely need to change the
change. Never again shall we allow APC to deceive us’’, Ize-Iyamu