Bama indigenes Set up 5,000 Civilian Security to Secure Town


Indigenes of Bama revealed that they had contributed men and money to set up a civilian security task force that would support the state government in protecting them from aggression of insurgents and work with the government in financing the ongoing reconstruction of the town.

Bama, the second largest town in Borno State was the worst hit by the Boko Haram insurgency as all structures were razed to the earth by the insurgents during the push by the military.

Addressing newsmen in Bama, the indigenes under the auspices of Bama Elders Forum led by Hon. Al-Amin Kamsalem said they had keyed into the ongoing reconstruction plan of Bama by the Borno State Government and were willing to do everything to ensure they got rehabilitated back to their beloved town.

Kamsalem, who was a former commissioner in the state and erstwhile chairman of Bama local government, leading other prominent indigenes to the press conference said: “All the professionals indigenes of Bama especially in the building and construction industry are going to render free service towards the rebuilding of Bama.

“We are going to definitely contribute financially, morally and spiritually towards the rebuilding of Bama and the continued peace of the town. We are completely behind the governor.”

He revealed that: “The Bama elders and the people of the community have equally mobilised our people to secure the town, we have Civilian JTF, local hunters and vigilantes already willing to protect the town against aggressors. All these people are ready to complement the security agencies.

“We are spiritual people and we will continue to pray for God’s continued protection on the town.

“We have donated 5,000 men to guard against any form of aggression on Bama; these are local hunters and Civilian JTF.”

Kamsalem, who commended the governor’s commitment to the rebuilding of the state and resettlement of the victims of Boko Haram, said the governor had shown with his relocation to Bama to superintend the ongoing reconstruction work, his exemplary leader qualities.

He said they were aware of the place of Bama in the heart of the governor as the second largest town in the state and strategic economic position with border with the Republic of Cameroon.

He expressed the willingness of the people of the town to go back to their homes once the ongoing reconstruction exercise was completed.

He said: “Our people are already on ground, assisting in the ongoing reconstruction of the town and we are all yearning to come back to our homes. Immediately the homes are ready, everyone would move in.”