Samuel Adedoyin’s Enchanting Story


Prince Samuel Adedoyin , Chairman, Doyin Group of Companies, is everything you would wish to be in life.  Providence, no doubt, has literally lavished its favour on him. Even as he just gracefully turned 80, it is evident that he still has a lot contribute to humanity.

But success, greatness and fame were never thrust on his laps on a platter of gold. He has had his own fair share of life’s vicissitudes. His is an intriguing story of a man who has glided from zero to hero.

Indeed, if anyone had told him that he would someday become one of the gladiators in the nation’s business sector, he would have sneered at the fellow. While he was growing up, he had the picture of how rich he wanted to be in his head, but was slightly unsure of how to actualise it, particularly after he dropped out of school in standard IV.

Determined to set himself free from the vice-like grip of poverty, he set his mind on travelling to the UK, a move that was kindly welcomed by his mother. But destiny prevailed, as he ended up in Ghana, unable to move further.

Distraught, he later returned home with a few pounds to the waiting hands of his equally sad mother. Then, reality dawned! After repaying his mother who had raised some money for his failed trip, he started his own business; and with the grace of God, he rose above all the teething challenges, so much so that he was able to build his first house at 19.

At every opportunity, he gives thanks to God that the planned UK trip was aborted, given subsequent developments in his life.

Today, the company that started as a small trading business in Lagos in 1968 has grown tremendously over the years diversifying into various sectors of business.