Oil and Gas Top Player, Kazeem Safiriyu’s  Munificence


By all standards, Alhaji Kazeem Safiriyu, President, SAF Petroleum, is rich. But unlike many in his privileged class, his life is a lesson in humility.

The oil and gas top player has, over the years, established himself as a philanthropist par excellence. Yet, he is very discreet about it.  He is said to have helped many children and relieved many parents of their burdens.  Spyglass  gathered that he has helped others achieve their dreams even when he was going through trying period, when he was being hounded by the powers that be;  he never wavered,  he dedicated his life to the service of humanity. Little wonder, his house is always a Mecca of sorts.

 Last week, the business guru , devout Muslim and policy analyst , whose life is perpetually in service to humanity, hosted friends, families and associates as well as the hoi polloi during the annual Eid-il-Kabir celebrations. Many that attended the party were amazed with the way he mixed freely with everybody irrespective of their backgrounds or status.  He reportedly made them most welcome, while the party lasted. At the well-attended party, assorted foods and exotic drinks were made available to the admiration of all.

A man of integrity, discipline and strong Islamic values, he is passionate about supporting young people, to develop positive moral attributes, while also giving them a solid educational foundation.