Mastercard Strengthens Investment in Africa


Global technology company, Master Card has stepped up its investment in Africa as it launched  its startup engagement program ‘Start Path Global’ for year 2016.

The payment company which is calling on interested entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) to apply for the programme said that it sought to work with start ups in order  to drive new business .

For this year however, the film revealed that Start Path would be intensifying its search in MEA because of the vibrant start up community. Markets in the region being targeted include: South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and the UAE among others.

It noted that the objective of the program was to stay close to innovations that were coming out of MEA and to drive success for the early-stage companies that were working on next-generation commerce technologies.

The virtual program which would last for six-months, it is said, would help participants in the region to tackle business problems and introduce them to new opportunities around the world.