Other miseries only speak but heartbreak shrieks out. Yet each couple extinguishes the flames of their love as it pleases them. Some do it with a bitter look, some with a flattering word. Some do it with a kiss and others by infidelity. Ask Taribo and Atinuke West, the estranged couple would definitely have their pick from the pack. Until their separation, not a few people believed that all was well with the former Super Eagles star and his wife.

Their wedding ceremony was undeniably one of the most glamorous at the time it was held, the planning and guest list distinguished it from a horde of other wedding ceremonies held in the same period. However, three weeks after they tied the nuptial knot, the couple got separated. It happened in the wake of allegations and counter-allegations of infidelity.

Three weeks into the marriage, the media was awash with claims by Atinuke of Taribo’s penchant for neglecting his matrimonial duties and wife battery. Taribo, on the other hand, described the marriage as a sham, plagued by suspicion, hatred and devoid of love. He accused Atinuke of infidelity and lack of commitment to her marital vows. Atinuke was once rumoured to be dating a popular banker when she was working at an equally popular bank while in Nigeria.

Alas, the difference between the two strange bedfellows became irreconcilable and they both headed for court for divorce. While Taribo is reported to be taking his pastoral work to the next level in Italy, Atinuke is now into another relationship. And if information at our disposal is to be believed, then Atinuke is having a good time in her relationship.