Economic Recession: Catholic Bishops Task FG to Step Up Its Game

  • Support true federalism

James Sowole in Akure

Catholic Bishops at the weekend tasked the Federal Government to take practical steps towards finding a solution to the economic challenges the country is facing in order to reduce the suffering of the citizens.

The challenge was one of the high points of the communique issued at the end of the conference of the Catholic Bishops of Nigeria held in Akure, Ondo State.

The communique made available to journalists on Sunday was signed by the President and Secretary of the CBCN, Bishop Ignatus Kaigama and Bishop William Avenya respectively .

They said the economic recession had caused many people to lose their jobs while those that had jobs were not adequately remunerated just as many workers were not paid by their employers as and when due.

“There is hunger in the land. We therefore urge the government to take proactive and practical steps towards reversing the recession.

” As a result partly of the fall in the oil prices, it has become inevitable to, without further delay, diversify the economy, engender fiscal and monetary policies, stimulate and mobilise investments, and engage in a productive rather than a consumerist economy”, he said

The bishops also called for true federal system of government, saying if there is a devolution of powers, there would be creation of a healthy economic competition in the federating units.

“We call on Nigerians to moderate their taste for foreign goods, reduce waste and be more prudent in expenditure. In the meantime, we expect the government to quickly evolve appropriate palliative measures and empower, by job creation, the teeming unemployed youth, ” they advised.

The bishops urged the government and security agencies to take decisive actions against the destruction of lives and property by herdsmen across the country .

“We lend our voice to those of other Nigerians calling for safer and modern ways of rearing cattle, for instance, ranches. We totally condemn the idea of grazing reserves and wandering of cattle.”