Minjin: I ‘II Love to Work with 2face, Psquare, Asa


Minjin Adewale Lawanson jnr., was born September 1990 and the name ‘Minjin’ was given to him by his mother. He started out dancing and got into music in 2010 after winning a music contest. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, he talks about his music, leaving Kennis Music, his arts and more

I was born and raised in Lagos


was born and raised in Lagos. I started my career as a model in 2007 before delving into my first love, music. I participated in various competitions and, then, I won two High School musicals and Kennis Centage Superstar contest in 2010. After my contract ended with Kennis Music, I stayed low-key, because I was exploring new sounds, and finding new rhythms. I did some acting during the time I starred in a TV series, Newman Street, which featured the likes of Bimbo Akintola, Bimbo Manuel, Keppy Ekpeyung, Fred Amata, among others. I have also been building my brand as a producer too, and I must say it was a good idea; I have over 50 songs recorded.

On my new song, ‘Jare’

It was from my experiences in life. I have been through a lot, and I basically connected with my environment; things happening around me. People are going through their own storms, and I thought it would be nice to be their voice. So, I can safely say that ‘Jare’ is a song of hope, to lift people from their pessimism into a more optimistic perspective.

I’m signed to a Malaysia-based label

It’s called Swaga Records. They got interested in me after hearing my ‘Jare’ song. Though the label and I had affiliation for a while, but we finally thought we should do business together.

So far, I’m very optimistic about everything and I’m dropping another single very soon and I believe it will be a hit. Also, I’ve got a new song coming soon with its video as well. But I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet.

Minjin, outside music, is a prolific painter

My works have graced the walls of veterans like Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi. I have participated in group exhibitions but I haven’t really done mine. I’m planning my exhibition to hold this year and everyone would be invited.

I started my journey into the arts when I was in primary school

Back then, I used to draw images; super heroes precisely. As for my journey into music, I started as a dancer. After secondary school, I still craved for the arts because it was sad that we had no arts teacher at the time. So, I decided to seek knowledge elsewhere by enrolling as an apprentice somewhere in Lagos and by the time the one-year training was almost up, I took off fully on my own to harness my strength in art works.

I am a triple artiste

Take for instance I paint, I sing and I act. I’m also a music producer and, so, I’m an all-round entertainer. If I wasn’t doing music I would be modeling, painting and acting. My music has been widely accepted in Nigeria, and across the African continent, especially francophone countries and in the UK.

I love to work with 2face, Psquare and Asa

From onset, they have been my inspiration and model. It is worth emulating their musical growth and genius. Doing music with them will be a plus to my career and I can only but imagine the energy we will all put into a song. I have won a couple of awards. Not the big ones, but I would like to win BET, Mtv and Mobo.

My genre of music

My music is africano. That’s what I call it. It’s the music that soothes the soul, and it’s melodious with beautiful African percussions. It is music from Nigeria to Africa and to the world.