Nigerians Urged to Look Inwards to Boost the Economy


The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Kebeth Dali, Ms. Akindele Adenike, has called for the patronage of Nigerian-based doctors, specialised in cosmetic medicine and allied services to boost the economy.

Adenike said this in Lagos during the unveiling of the maiden edition of Belle Éclat Fair, an initiative of the company that brought cosmetic practitioners together, to showcase their skills.

She pointed out that the idea came to her after several years of consulting for medical and health spa and realised that there was a gap in the economy occasioned by capital flight, as Nigerians prefer going abroad to spend their money on medical services that can be rendered by local doctors.

“It’s showcasing our local doctors. We have an initiative called ‘Patronise Our Local Doctors’ so that there can be more money in the medical sector and so that people will stop taking the currently devalued naira abroad. We’ve found out that we have some very good doctors in Nigeria even better that some we find abroad.

“So we’re showcasing the doctors on my platform. We’re just telling Nigerians that we’re ready to position ourselves as the aesthetic capital of West Africa,” Adenike said.

“We just want to improve on the plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in Nigeria. We’ve got the training, we’ve got the experience and we have world class facilities for our operation. So we’re urgings Nigerians to leverage on the quality services of our professionals for a better treatment,” she added.

On his part, the Divisional Head, Retail Banking, Fidelity Bank, Mr. Richard Madiebo, while speaking to on the bank’s partnership with Kebeth Dali, said the bank believes in the success of its customers’ business.

“Her products are also used by many of our staff. So when she told us that she was doing an unveiling today, we said we would like to be there, we would like to share her idea to her customers and also tell them that the services of Fidelity are available; our liability services, our asset services, people can put money and withdraw. So the essence of our being here really is to support our customer in her business.

“We know that Nigeria is getting very sophisticated so people take loans for different reasons. Some of which could even involve procedures for which this unveiling addresses. We’re not trying to put any kind of restriction on what we’re able to do. We’re coming first as bankers to Kebeth Dali, so we’re keeping an open mind and we believe we can achieve working with them,” he added.