Fashola, Others to Speak at Real Estate Unite Summit 


The real property market in Nigeria is set to receive a further boost with the hosting of the annual real estate unite summit.
The global businesses and industry stakeholders Annual Real
Estate Unite Summit, which will take place at Eko Convention Center Lagos, will be hosted by 3Invest Limited next month.

The real sector is currently experiencing a significant rise to become one of the country’s most lucrative sectors, contributing up to 9% of Nigeria’s  GDP in the third quarter of 2016.

According to a statement, while the central focus of the event is that of the African market and  how it can harness opportunities from the investment world, Real  Estate Unite is set to bridge the opportunity ‘G.A.P.S’ between  different sectors of the economy such as Asset management, Hospitality  Groups, Tax and Accounting, Financial Institutions and the African  Property market.
‘‘The Real estate market in Africa is yet to be explored to its  fullest potential. We seek to widen the arena for other viable players to be part of this global progression. This is one of  our primary goals this year’’ said Ruth Obih Spokesperson, Real Estate  Unite.

Other speakers include Anne Rinu – Head of Property for Standard Chartered (Nigeria & West  Africa), Paul Onwuanibe – African business magnate and Chief Executive Officer  for Landmark Group; an African real estate company with over 500  clients and offices in five continents and Dr. Chii Akporji – Executive Director, Corporate Strategy & Planning,  Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company.