Hard Knocks for Sagging as Glo Professor Johnbull Hits 8th Epiosde


By Kasie Abone

Indecent dressing, epitomised by sagging among the youths, received hard knocks on Tuesday as the Glo-sponsored sitcom, Professor Johnbull, aired its 8th episode aptly tagged ‘Happening Guys’.

The lead cast in the TV Series, Kanayo O. Kanayo, who played the role of Professor Johnbull, was in his reformist best as he took the sagging Dudus, starred by the popular comedian Ayo Makun, aka AY, to the cleaners for wearing his trousers on the beneath his buttocks.

 The opening scene of the episode saw Dudus, an itinerant fabric merchant, coming to the house of the professor to see Churchill (professor Johnbull’s son). His “been-to” mannerism attracted the professor who was shocked to find Dudus in Churchill’s room with his pet daughter, Elizabeth. The sight of his sagging pants which was hanging on his hips with his pants exposed, immediately put the professor off and he did not hesitate in sending him out of his house. He warned Elizabeth that he would not want to see the cloth vendor near his house again.

On his way from Mai Doya’s place, where the professor displayed his penchant for austere lifestyle by causing the yam seller to measure a tuber of yam before buying it, Professor Johnbull accosted the philandering Flash Boy and Jumoke Janet, playing on the street and upbraided Flash for joining the community of sagging boys. Interestingly, Jumoke, the impressionable and pretentious lady in the series, also condemned sagging. The professor’s rage against indecent dressing was not mitigated by the noble display of respect for the elderly by Flash who volunteered to assist in carrying Professor Johnbull’s bag home as he dismissed the philanderer at the gate, asking him to “go home and dress properly.”

 The erudite scholar received the greatest shock of his life when on entering his house, he met Elizabeth and Dudus, with Dudus doing the sagging stuff for Elizabeth who was completely mesmerised by the mode of dressing of the cloth merchant; a man who had a waist size of 34 and “swag size of 60.” Infuriated by the audacity of Dudus to come back to his house, Professor Johnbull went for his cutlass and chased the indecent dressing Dudus out of his compound.

After a father-and-daughter discussion, Professor Johnbull acceded to Elizabeth’s request to go out on a dinner date with Dudus. The outcome of the date was the climax of the storyline as Dudus was thoroughly embarrassed for forgetting his purse at home.  This story was hard for the operators of the restaurant to believe because of his sagging, which unwittingly portrayed him as irresponsible.

 Coming home like the prodigal son, Elizabeth came to terms with her father’s position on decent dressing, admitting that if Dudus had dressed decently to the restaurant, his narrative about his misplaced purse would have been more credible.

 To underscore the axiom that a man is addressed the way he dresses, Professor Johnbull, in his usual closing remarks, told viewers that he did something analytical by persuading Dudus to dress decently and take Elizabeth to a different restaurant where the story of the misplaced purse was re-enacted. He said Dudus was believed because he dressed decently.

 Aired on Tuesday NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV Channel 251 and NTA on StarTimes at 8.30 p.m., the repeat broadcast of ‘Happening Guys’ comes up this Friday at 8.30. p.m. on the same channels.