Faleke Group Alleges Ploy to Blackmail CJN


Shola Oyeyipo

Contrary to the presumption in some quarters that the removal of Governor Yahya Bello of Kogi State is capable of causing anarchy in the state, the Audu/Faleke political organisation has noted that sacking the governor would have no adverse effect whatsoever on the state.

Alleging desperate moves by the Bello administration to get the leadership of the Department of State Services (DSS) to write a security report to the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) alerting him of an impending anarchy in the state should the governor be sacked, the Faleke group has noted that the authories should not be fooled by such “politically motivated insinuation.”

A statement signed by the Director, Media and Publicity of the group, Hon Duro Meseko, said the Audu/Faleke Political Organisation decided not to dismiss the allegation that has assumed a wildfire dimension in the state as mere rumour but to quickly draw the attention of the authorities to it.

“The attention of the Audu/Faleke Political Organisation has been drawn to the rumour making the rounds in Kogi State of moves by Bello and some of his senior officials to convince the leadership of the DSS to write a security report advising the CJN on the implications of Bello’s removal from office.

“According to reports, the DSS is to state in their report that there would be anarchy in the state should the governor be removed from office. We wish to state categorically that as a responsible organisation, we would not subscribe to mere allegations and rumours but we decided to take this one seriously because of its implications for the wider interests of Kogi people and Nigerians in general. As they say, there is no smoke without fire.

“We hereby state as follows: ‘That it is completely untrue for anyone to allege that there would be anarchy in the state should Bello be removed as governor from office. Rather, there would be spontaneous jubilations across the state by the people who have gone through untold hardships since Bello assumed office.

“That Bello’s removal from office will bring peace to the state instead of anarchy as exemplified by the recent episode at the mosque where he was stoned by irate youths and women who continually chorused ‘Bello must go’.

“That Bello’s removal from office would provoke a new lease of life for workers and pensioners who are being owed salaries and allowances running to eight months now.

“That Bello’s removal from office would end the era of kleptocracy that has become the hallmark of his administration as evidenced by the avalanche of petitions against him before the various anti-corruption agencies.”

The group also charge the DSS not to allow it to be used for such ploy, adding that: ”We hereby call on the leadership of the DSS to shun such satanic requests as the people of the state are completely tired of Bello and his team, and waiting patiently for the good news of a new administration that would wipe their tears of pain and agony away.

“For our highly respected CJN, we have no doubts he would waste no time in throwing such letter written to him to the waste bin where it belongs. The apex court is peopled with individuals of impeccable integrity whose sole interest is to uphold justice and the rule of law at all times.”