Ikorodu Residents Bemoan Effects of Heavy Downpour


Chiamaka Ozulumba

Residents of Ikorodu, a suburb of Lagos State, have lamented the effects of the recent heavy rainfall in the area, which lasted more than 20 hours last weekend; leaving in its trail flooded streets, houses, churches, shops and markets, with huge economic losses.

The downpour caused a power outage within Igbo Oluwo Estate and some areas in Ikorodu, where vehicular traffic was hampered and roads were flooded, making passage on these roads near-impossible.

The deluge also prevented most people without private means of transport from attending religious services; with attendance at several churches scanty since worshippers used the downpour as an excuse to stay indoors.
Traders were also prevented from going about their daily business, as the rain grounded economic activities. Roads were free but most bus drivers and Okada riders could not operate because of the intensity of the downpour and few commuters on the roads.

THISDAY observed that the Celestial Church, Christ Apostolic Church and the Mountain of Fire Church in Igbo Oluwo Estate were severely affected by the rain, and their various congregations were drenched.

Meanwhile, the lack of proper drainage channels in some areas resulted in the flooding of some residential houses and shops. To the surprise of many, the famous Majidun River did not overflow its bank, contrary to expectation.
Although the recent downpour was seen as both a blessing and a hindrance by different people, economic activities have since resumed in Ikorodu and its environs.