Herdsmen: CEDDERT Holds Seminar to Share Findings


The Centre for Democratic Development Research and Training (CEDDERT) in Zaria, and ENABLE2 a DFiD project are holding a seminar on the farmer/pastoralist conflicts currently ravaging communities across Kaduna, Katsina and Zamfara States.

In a statement signed by the Executive Director of CEDDERT, Dr Abubakar Siddique Mohammed, said: “over the last three decades, most of the states in the northern part of Nigeria have experienced one form of violent conflict or the other resulting from farmer/pastoralist clashes.

The information about these conflicts, as reported, CEDDERT said paints a depressing picture and points to a future of chaos, social disarray and political instability.

“The problem, however, is that much of the available information about herders-pastoralists conflict is inaccurate, one-sided, deliberately misleading or does not give an accurate account of their genesis, causes, nature and patterns.

CEDDERT, however, invites stakeholders; government representatives, peace-builders, social and community development workers, development communicators, farmers, pastoralists, agricultural cooperatives, the media and the general public to its seminar, where the findings of the study shall be shared.