Ordinary men can do nothing that has permanence. Extraordinary men are remarkably different. They tend to understand that greatness is never attained by sudden flight but by toiling through the night, while ordinary men slept.

If this is the surest measure of feats that have permanence, then the immediate past Vice President of Schneider Electric West Africa, Ayo Adegboye, the new MD of Business Connexion (BCX) Nigeria, is an extraordinary man. When John Sviridov stepped down as Managing Director of foremost ICT multinational, Business Connexion (BCX) Nigeria, fears initially nursed of who would fit the bill took no time to be allayed when Ayo Adegboye came into the picture.

For a technocrat of his ilk who is ranked among the top one per cent top executives in Nigeria, Sviridov shoe should not be too big for Ayo to walk in, if not surpass. For a consummate intellectual of global repute who has many awards and laurels in his kitty, he has the records and numbers to achieve even more.

Regarded as unassuming and humble with no airs, Ayo has sealed to his credit numerous lucrative multi-million dollar deals while he held sway through a career that has seen him occupy top executive positions in telecommunications, information technology, consumer electronics and marketing industries.

Time-tested, result-driven and visionary thought leader and strategist, the former director at Samsung West Africa, is considered an erudite scholar who has chosen to exhibit his skills beyond the walls of academic firmament, as he has continued to put smiles on the faces of board members of multi-nationals in Africa and beyond.