Ese Walter loves to talk but when she does, it always skirts moral and ethical pavements. She has become more popular for some of her unguarded tirades against Pastor BiodunOguntoyinbo of the Abuja-based COZA Church. You could not have forgotten so soon the young lady called Ese Walter who, in the mould of an accustomed apostate, blew the lid on the amoral part of Pastor BiodunOguntoyinbo. Nigerians, especially Oguntoyinbo’s COZA congregation, still await his ‘robust reply’ to Ese’s allegation of steamy trysts with the ‘man of God’. Well, years after the expose, Ese married her beau, Benny Ark, in a colourful traditional ceremony that took place at her father, Chief Walter Rugbere’s expansive country home in Warri, Delta State.

The Walters reportedly spared no expense to make their beautiful but controversial daughter’s day a celebration of her dignity and uprightness. Ese had first stunned those who read her controversial letter detailing her relationship with Oguntoyinbo back then when news of her registry wedding filtered to the media. But she didn’t make a song and dance of it, keeping sealed lips on other arrangements. Trust Nigerians, questions were popping up as to whether Benny had always been in her life or he strolled in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding her letter? Or, whether Benny actually was by her side through the dark days and actually prompted her to spill on the pastor? Questions; and more questions. But today, two years after, Ese Walter has come out again that she married OAP Benny Ark, just to shut people’s mouth up. She revealed that she didn’t love him when they got married two and a half years ago and had issues trusting him so many months after marriage. She says she has gotten some help and currently dealing with all the issues.

“When I agreed to marry him two and a half years ago, I didn’t love him. Heck I didn’t love my own self. I just needed a change of story. I needed to stop being the girl everyone called an evil mistress and “graduate” to somebody’s Mrs. I thought the Mrs. title was going to save my ass and bring me some sort of redemption. I was wrong”.