Bauchi LG Caretaker Committees unconstitutional – labour chief


Segun Awofadeji in Bauchi

Former Secretary General of the National Union of Banks and Insurance, Comrade Abdullahi Shehu, has described as unconstitutional the recent appointment of caretaker chairmen into the Local Government Councils of Bauchi state.

He said that the appointment of caretaker chairmen by the Bauchi state government for the 21 Local Government Councils in the state perpetually contradicts the Constitution rather than complement it.

Shehu told the press in Bauchi on Sunday that the Nigerian Constitution provides that whoever will become a leader or exercise the powers of a leader must be democratically elected.

According to him, there is no system recognized by the Nigerian Constitution besides democratic elections, saying: “Anything you put in a position that the Constitution says should be elective democratically, you are contravening the constitution”.

He further explained that the constitution also provides that Local Government Councils are to be administered by democratically elected executives.