Agony of a Mother… Stella Oduah’s Ex-husband Battles Her over Son’s Corpse


Death has dealt the Oduah and Etoromi family a mortal hurt. So deep is their wound that the fairest of tributes and most soothing psycho-babble cannot extinguish the pain that afflicts their hearts. Of all the aged folk in their family, the grim-reaper decided to claim the life of Maxwell Etoromi, the son of Senator Stella Oduah.

Maxwell yielded to death few days ago at the age of 28 after he had an operation and this has thrown the household into mourning. However, in the hitherto enviable and exotic world of former minister of Aviation, Senator Stella Oduah, the sky is no longer a silvery and opalescent delight; it is now pitch black and brackish. And sadly, it would take almost forever for things to return to normalcy for her.

Everybody with the Oduah suffix, friends, associates, and relatives of Stella particularly, have been unanimous in their grief. If Stella had one chance to make a wish, she would probably wish the death of her son was a mere nightmare.

However, SatchieEtoromi, a retired colonel, and former husband of Stella has requested for the corpse of Maxwell. Etoromi, who hails from Delta state, told reporters on Wednesday that he wanted the remains of his son to be buried in Warri.

He said the lawmaker did not deem it fit to inform him of his son’s death, disclosing that he read about it in the newspaper.” So, I have sent a letter calling Stella, my ex-wife, to bring my son, who was under her custody, to me for burial in Warri.

“Till now, Stella has not told me my son in her custody is dead. “There is rumour that my son will be buried in Akili Ozizor and that is unacceptable, my son must be brought to me in Warri for internment.”