Nwaogu: Economic Recession Blessing in Disguise for Youths


By Dele Ogbodo

The Pastor in Charge of Living Word Ministries, Worldwide, Abuja branch, Okey Nwaogu, has said the economic recession the country is passing through is a blessing in disguise for the youths, who have been especially faced with unemployment.

Addressing the media at the weekend on its 2016 annual convention with the theme: “Dreams and Visions,” which ends this Sunday at the church premises in Abuja, he said this recession is a lesson for every Nigerian to learn to lean on God and not on government or on a commodity like oil.

He said the season that we have find ourselves is another opportunity for the Church to give the people a new direction, adding that if there is anything this recession will teach people is that they should not rely on the government anymore.

Nwaogu said: “Our greatest calamity is being over reliance on oil revenue that has brought us to where we are.”

While admitting that the economy will witness a turnaround, he said the message from the church is for the youth to look deep and explore the various talents God has endowed in them to make a living for themselves.

He said: “The message now is not to focus on the government, let us begin to think of  what you can do for yourself and then employ others to lift up the project.”

“Begin to think about business that is where vision comes in dream comes in. Ideas and vision does not follow money but money follows ideas and money follows vision.

“The moment there is a vision definitely money will come in because vision is about the people, is different from ambition centred on self.

“The moment you are solving any human problem money will follow you. We can’t depend on oil forever, oil has brought us more challenges than we envisaged.

“The moment you ask God for viable vision, He gives it, then money will definitely come, that is one of things we want people to know that vision can help one out of this problem.”