Five Uncommon Mobile Upgrades Every TECNO Phantom Will Give You


If you’ve ever wondered why a TECNO Phantom should be your next pick for a flagship when shopping for that dream smartphone, the following Phantom given’s might well be enticing enough to stir your interest.

First of all, to douse any bias the reader might perceive with regards to this review, I am no TECNO brand stooge-nope. I am just a critique of best seller smartphones in the market—more like a devil’s advocate who spots flaws on flagships that most users wouldn’t. That way my reviews help mobile makers design much better successor flagships and everyone is happy. TECNO Phantom series have caught my attention for a while now. So, with the air cleared, let’s get down to business—a Phantom will always give a user this five upgrades:

Great lens technology—Phantoms give users lens power not pre-sets
From low-light technology to quality phase contrast, expect a TECNO Phantom to always pull off something unexpected in upgrade of lens hardware. Camera pre-sets (what most people call camera settings) on Phantom series are not usually where the magic lies.

Audio quality your ears will love
I don’t know any other high-end smartphone brand that talks about the Hi-Fi compatibility of its flagship’s audio stereos (not that there are no others) as do the TECNO Phantom series. The thing is, TECNO Phantoms are great with sound but I must say it is a quality chipset thing and I guess, clever sound equalizer app that comes pre-installed. However, TECNO Phantom hasn’t got the best external stereo I have heard—now, that’s just me.

Beast inside—given, a heavy duty chipset is embellished in a Phantom
The heavy prefix nano processors jump at you when you’re talking about TECNO Phantom: from octa-core to deca-core processors. It is the sort of thing a TECNO Phantom will give you and I believe you must have done your research as to why you’ll need such massive chipset on your smartphone.

And finally, premium material design
I will be frank with you. I have seen better material design in competitor flagship. Nonetheless, TECNO phantom series hold their own in terms of premium body finishing, and any user of Phantom smartphones will tell you that the improvement is constant.

There you go; these are the five standard upgrades you’ll find on a TECNO Phantom product line. Would TECNO’s September Phantom 6 flagship increase the list of expected specs upgrades next time coming? We will wait and see.