Judiciary Workers Declare Oshiomhole Anti-Workers Governor

  •  Call for end to ‘no work no pay’ principle

Paul Obi in Abuja

The ‎Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) on Sunday described Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, as anti-workers as he is bent on enslaving workers in the state only to turn round and castigate other governors for the same reason.

The workers said Oshiomhole has continued to display a high level of ‘hypocrisy’ by using legal provisions as a ‘shield’ to protect himself and as a ‘sword’ to fight the poor workers.

They stressed that a situation where governors won’t pay salaries as stipulated by law, and when workers embark on strike, no work no pay principle is applied would not promote industrial harmony in the country.

National President of JUSUN, Comrade Marwan Adamu, who was speaking during the 3rd National Delegates Conference of the union in Katsina, therefore advocated that no work, no pay be expunged ‎from the trade dispute act.

Adamu explained that this is necessary because such provision negates the whole excess of ‎collective bargaining, social dialogue and of course increase productivity.

“I read in the dailies where a state governor who owe my members seven months salaries, on the pretence of no work no pay, 18 months for local government workers, 42 months arrears of pension and gratuities is saying it is a criminal breach of contract for employer not to pay workers’ salaries, what a hypocrisy.

“It is sad that Oshiomhole who is a product of court himself will go against a court order, instructing him to respect the provision of the constitution, even when he did not appeal against the judgement,” Adamu stated.