Firm Provides Travellers Home Away from Home


Chinedu Eze

In recent times there have been security issues concerning travellers who arrive at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos and are robbed on their way to hotels. To curb such incidents, a firm came up with an idea to fill a niche whereby travellers will live in a home with all the appurtenances of living in their own home.

So tucked in at the back of the airport is Homes Rez, a facility made up of apartment suites. The facility is reminiscent of the well-known apartment suites in tourism-oriented places like The Gambia, Johannesburg, Cairo, Sharm el sheik and other well-known tourism destinations.

Homes Rez is strategically located few kilometres away from the local and International wings of the Murtala Muhammed Airports in Lagos. The apartment ranges from three bedrooms, two bedrooms and other facility inclusive to suit all classes of people, including families, friends, associates and relatives amongst others. With its secured environment, the facility is built to reduce pressure on people who have to drive long distances the from Lagos airports to the Island and far areas in Lagos.

The Manager, Homes Rez, Akinfolurin Sanmi explained that most of the facility apartments in Lagos are under one-year or two-year tenancy but what makes Homes Rez different is that people can pay for one week or one month, depending on how long they are willing to stay.

“Our market centres on the corporate organisations and individuals who come from outside the country and individuals within the country and people seeking to have holidays or summer outside their house,” Sanmi said. He disclosed that so far the management of Homes Rez has received good responses, and they anticipate the challenge of satisfying numerous customers who would come back after using the facility.

On power generation, the manager said that in a bid to cut cost, each apartment would have its own generating set, which would be powered with gas to avoid pollution.

“In as much as we are profit-oriented, we have taken into consideration all the rationales and all basic things necessary but our first obligation is to provide a satisfactory service at an affordable rate of N30, 000 for each night,” he disclosed.

Homes Rez has the facilities where customers can book online, taxi services to take people wherever they wants to go at an affordable rate. They also have pick up cars to the airport whereby once their client finishes with immigration and comes out of the airport terminal they will pick him to the facility, thus insulating him from the vagaries of uncertainties on the way. “We are in Nigeria and at a strategic location to provide a one-stop facility apartment for all and sundry and will not be exposed to carbon polluted environment or security hazards,” Sanmi said.