A Wedding to Remember…Dele Fajemirokun’s Daughter Marries Mbanefo’s Son in London


And so they kissed and started a lively, tender life. It was the kind of life that blossomed like a truth universally acknowledged and treasured by only the pure at heart. Bride and groom beamed majestically, with content. Their heartfelt dreams had finally come true; they were bound by swathes of bliss, two simple vows and a grand matchless love – which makes them one of the happiest couples of their time.

And these are indeed precious times for Kike Fajemirokun, the beautiful daughter of Chief Olu Fajemirokun and Louis Mbanefo. Last Saturday, in London, their wedding unfolded like a red carpet, rolling out smoothly far from Lagos city, Nigeria, on the grand boulevards and palatial pleasure domes of the United Kingdom. As it unfolded, the bride’s family, the Fajemirokun clan and the groom’s folks, stepped out with aplomb and took their positions before the crème of Nigeria and the London high society flocking to rejoice with them and bear witness to the memorable union of their son and daughter.

Kike smiled contentedly through the proceedings. Anyone would feel such contentment in such defining moment. She cut a marvelous picture as she sashayed towards her groom. Louis bit his lip nervously and sweated profusely in thermo-induced chill of the grand setting, the gaze of onlookers and culmination of years of expectation. It took keen observers to deduce that his anxiety was borne of bliss and love everlasting.

That blend of anxiety and ritual splendor in a relaxed atmosphere was something very special. It persistently drove the mother of the bride, Edith Fajemirokun, to tears of joy – which she struggled not to shed.

There is no gainsaying the comfort and sanity of the good old days. The proverbial epoch of wisdom and modesty rubs off positively on the memories and personae of former bank chiefs in the country, to their infectious delight. Many of them are thankful and ecstatic over their good fortune in quitting the cutthroat finance sector while the ovation was loudest and truly appreciative of their fiscal practice and professional ethics.

As you read, these retired finance gurus, most of whom presided as Managing Directors (MDs) and Chairmen of some of the country’s most solvent and now defunct banks remember the ‘good old days of the banking sector’ with warmth and an appreciative glow. They are happy that they left the banking industry before the onset of its current tumult. According to a former bank MD, this is not a time to be a bank MD. It’s crazy right now. That’s why so many bankers are looking spent and down. It’s a crazy period in the history of Nigeria.

For those whose fathers are great, the dilemma is all the same; they live under pressure and the daunting shadow of their fathers’ attainments. Eventually, very few among them manage to best their fathers’ attainments thus they are perpetually considered inferior shades of their fathers. But Shina Peller cuts a contradictory picture to such dour portraiture. The son of late Professor Abiola Peller, a renowned magician, knew what he must not do to survive quite early in life; and that includes trying to be like his father. Shina, despite being known as “the one with the magical hands,” has refused to tow the path treaded by his father. Even though his late father’s magical prowess brought him fame and fortune, Shina artfully scorns the lure of life as a conjurer.

The fair-skinned proprietor of Aquila Oil and Gas rather applies his mojo at making money; thus alongside his oil business, he established Quilox, a nightclub, bar and restaurant on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island (VI), Lagos. At its establishment two years ago, the exquisite nightclub drew to its launch, the creme of Nigeria’s high society. For instance, Governors Ibikunle Amosun and Abdulfatah Ahmed of Ogun and Kwara states respectively witnessed the club’s opening ceremony alongside other influential figures and celebrities. But that is hardly what makes his story unique; since he opened Quilox, the Lagos social scene has improved tremendously. Shina has virtually revolutionised club business thus his club, Quilox, has become a convergence point for top businessmen, politicians, silver spoon kids and die hard fun lovers from across social divides. A visit to the club recently was quite an experience.