Yinka Olatunbosun

The Primate of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Elijah Ayodele has released his latest collection of divine signals titled, “Warnings to the Nations 2016/2017 Edition’’. The collection was first published in 1994 to forewarn of the looming challenges in various aspects of our social-economic as well as political life. The areas covered in this collection include Energy and Power, Education, Media, Financial institutions, Entertainment, Aviation, Religion, Security and para-military agencies, Telecommunications, Sports, States and Local governments, amongst others.

Published by INRI Press Publications, the book has a new feature that makes it different from previous editions. It is more pocket-friendly in its new cover design. In addition, the cover displays the content on a side strip that shares the space with the picture of the author. This 226-paged book is written in simple language and legible print.

One of the issues addressed by the author in the book is the front-burner topic of probe in the fight against corruption.
“So many people will be probed and it will be sensationalized. The arms purchase deals probe will expose a lot. This will not make it to be as successful as expected. The probe will cause tribalism because some people will not be sincere,’’ he wrote.
He foresaw in the book as well that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) will break into two, change its logo and envisages serious rancor. For the ruling party, his submission also seems very grim.

“There will be series of threats and the APC as a party will crack as there will be factions. They will want to dislodge the PDP. The APC will have to go back to the drawing board as some people will leave the APC. I foresee that some governors will also want to leave APC likewise some honorable members. Some of the people that left the party for APC will cause problem for the party. If APC removes the Senate President, it will cause problems for the party. Meanwhile, politics is just starting,’’ he stated.

But the book contained some cheering proclaimations as well. Primate Ayodele foresees Virgin Atlantic expanding its routes, Emirate Airlines acquiring new airplanes, and online media organisations will thrive.
He also included in this edition the testimonies of individuals who have enjoyed divine and miraculous healing under the Primate’s watch.

At the briefing held in Lagos to announce the release of the book, he called on Nigerians to support the current administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari in these challenging times, adding that the government needs prayers and support rather criticisms from Nigerians.

He advised President Buhari to change his economic team in order to achieve better results. He warned the nation against ethnicity, blood bath, political tension, injustice, and mismanagement of the economy.
“Democracy in Nigeria needs a lot of prayer in order for us to move ahead. Nigeria must work on the concept of democracy and leadership. Otherwise it will be truncated by selfish and self-centreness,’’ he added.