OLX Marks 4th Anniversary in Style


It was a gathering of the crème de la crème at the newly opened office of OLX in Ilupeju, Lagos, as the online classifieds firm celebrated four years of fulfilment in Nigeria’s e-commerce industry.

According to its Chief Technology Officer, OLX Sub-Sahara Africa, Stephen Ballot, in the last four years, the firm has made remarkable achievements and plans to get better in its service delivery.

“All thanks to the wonderful team we have in Nigeria. They have really done the company proud as seen in our achievements so far. It has been four successful years in Nigeria. We feel excited coming from Cape Town (South Africa) to see the amazing things that the Nigerian team is doing. As we are celebrating our fourth anniversary today, we are also opening a new office. We are growing, so we needed a larger and newer space for convenience and efficiency,” Ballot said.

In her remarks, OLX Country Manager, Lola Masha, said, “In the last four years, we have come up with different innovations that help keep the business going. More recent is the ‘Do It For Me’ service which Nigerians have embraced more passionately.

“With this service, our customers are relieved from the hassles of searching for buyers and selling their items. With the aid of our sales champs, we help them to handle the whole process. Although we are still growing and have made our mistakes, we’ve learnt from them and have improved. We are stronger now.”

Masha noted that while the company currently has about 150 workers, it planned to expand its base. Part of the expansion, she said, would be to set up a new office with three floors that will accommodate a sales department, a call-contact centre and meeting room, among others.