Lottery Officials Offer Dollar Incentives to Team Nigeria


As Team Nigeria continues its search for the first medal at the Olympics in Rio, a delegation of National Lottery Trust Fund and National Lottery Regulatory Commission, led by Habu Gumel and Mr Adophus Ikpe respectively have promised monetary incentives to further propel the country’s athletes to win medals.

The delegation who has been supporting Team Nigeria equally announced $2,000 for any athlete who wins gold while a silver medallist would be rewarded with $1,500 and bronze winner with $1,000.

This financial pledge is coming at a time that both officials and athletes are on the edge waiting for Team Nigeria’s first medal.

Meanwhile, all expectations of a possible medal from weightlifting and the women’s 400m events concluded Sunday night yielded no medal.

Maryan Usman’s efforts in the +75kg Snatch and Jerk could only place her 9th in the overall ranking while Patience Okon George and Margaret Bamgbose semi final placed them 8th and 7th positions respectively.