Disappearing Acts! The Curious Case of Raymond Dokpesi ‘s Wife, Moji Dokpesi


Beauty, like gold coins, grows dear the less it is seen. That perhaps explains why Moji Dokpesi, the ravishing wife of Chief Raymond Dokpesi, causes heads to turn like a revolving wheel every time she makes an appearance in public. Moji, a longstanding socialite, is the eldest sister of the Ogungbe siblings and she has been elusive from the social scene for some time now; when she has to appear for an occasion, she puts up a cameo appearance that it becomes impossible to see her few minutes after she graces the event with her impressive presence. But while she is around, Moji dazzles everyone with her infectious smiles and endearing glint in her eyes. It would be recalled that Moji adopted this elusive attitude months after her husband’s encounter with anti graft agency.
These days, she dedicates her time fully to her office and business headquarters in Apapa.

Whisper this quietly; media entrepreneur and founder, Ebony Life TV, Mo Abudu’s daughter, Temidayo, has come of age. When she stepped out with her beautiful and enterprising mother at a wedding last year, the young lady occasioned many double takes and inspired lustful gawks and inadvertent drool until Mo was forced to introduce her severally as her daughter, not just a single, younger friend of hers. The reception that greeted her at another high profile event recently did not differ from her first major outing with her mum. Like Mo, who has been fondly hailed as Nigeria’s Oprah Winfrey, Temidayo is smart as a whip and as beautiful and fashionable as they come.

By Jove, the young lady also inherited her mum’s smile-wide grin and sharp intellect that has seen her conquer the otherwise difficult Nigerian media terrain in less than a decade of her entry. Mo has really done well for herself, rising from a tentative, scarcely trained talk-show hostess to a prima donna TV gal interviewing national and global leaders on her widely syndicated Moments With Mo. Also a successful businesswoman with different thriving companies under her belt, Mo’s magnum opus remains her daring foray into satellite television ownership with Ebony Life TV, which went live in 2013 on Digital Satellite Television, DSTV.

Perhaps to drive home the point that the apple, truly, doesn’t fall far from the tree, Temidayo, an avid writer with by-lines on several online journals and OK! Magazine, has Masters degree in Material and Visual Culture from the University College, London, Temidayo and Adekoyejo are the products of Mo’s marriage.

It has been a while since we heard about Wole Omoboriowo, the former partner and best friend of the much-talked about billionaire oil mogul, Kola Aluko. Tall and very good looking, articulate and embodying the best of western education and exposure, Wole lived the life back in his boom time. Money meant nothing to him; it ran errands for him. Wole, the son of late Akin Omoboriowo, lawyer and politician, who was deputy governor of Ondo State during the Second Republic, was one of those guys that could make the Lagos and Abuja social scenes bend to his will, whims and caprices. Not even his marriage tempered his rollercoaster life.

Gradually, however, Wole is striding back to the forefront of the social scene. He was in the news recently. Omoborowo is having a serious issue with the residents of the billionaire’s haven, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos, over power supply. As the story goes, “The construction of the power plant, scalable to 15MW, was fully funded by GELMARK Power solutions Limited promoted by Akinwole Omoboriowo, following an agreement with the management of Banana Island Property Owners & Residents Association (BIPORAL) Lagos, who negotiated and signed the contract on behalf of the residents.

According to contract documents seen by BusinessDay, in 2013, GELMARK agreed and undertook to build a plant to generate and distribute electric power for the exclusive use of BIPORAL, for 15 years under a Build, Own, Operate and Transfer, (BOOT) investment structure, which means ownership of the plant will revert to the residents after 15 years. Everything seemed to have gone well until the project was completed and then the shocker came when in a surprise repudiation of the agreement it entered into, the resident association leadership declared the contract illegal”.

The man who deserts a woman with a love-child feeds a lioness at home and broods a nest of sorrows. He will grow up to discover with great horror that one does not sire and desert a love-child just because one is capable of doing so, there is need to love them and develop friendship with them while raising them. But this inalienable truth is lost on some Nigerian men. Raised in a culture that permits a man to marry more than one wife, many a Nigerian man has seized the opportunity to sow wild oats in the womb of their first loves and concubines, often deserting the latter to ‘take care’ of the unwanted pregnancies that result from their sexual escapades.

The question on the lips of many is: what manner of future is bequeathed on these luckless children and what ought to be the responsible and humane position on the issue, on the part of parents? Next week, Society Happenings will reveal the names of top celebs including foremost politicians, bankers, and other high net-worth socialites that have love children outside their much-celebrated nuclear marriages. Yours truly will also oblige you the gritty details of how these poor children are struggling to survive and gain acceptance in a world where the unwanted love-child is automatically labeled a ‘bastard.’