Who is After Aisha Buhari?


Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. They do not think too much of themselves, so does Hajia Aisha Buhari. Like an angel, the woman who simply wishes to be called “Wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” takes herself very lightly despite her social and political weight. There is no gainsaying the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari belongs to the league of Nigeria’s most humble women; she wears her badge of temperance and humility in the shape of a bow of ribbon thus affirming that she isn’t what many of her disparagers make her out to be.

Contrary to misconceptions about her character, Hajia Aisha, according to sources close to her, is actually a modest, compassionate, accommodating and understanding woman. Her only shortcoming, if at all it could be considered ‘shortcoming,’ is her good fashion sense and lack of tolerance for sycophancy.

Some days ago, a black crocodile skin Hermes Birkin handbag toted by Mrs. Buhari caused a social media storm, as Nigerians took to different social media platforms to express their mixed feelings.

Mrs. Buhari was spotted, at the airport in Washington D.C., with the 35cm Porosus Crocodile bag, said to be expensive. Of course, some recalled that Mrs. Buhari had always had taste for good things, alluding to the expensive Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-carat white gold wristwatch which she wore at her husband’s inauguration in May 2015. But wait a minute! Because every woman always like expensive bags and jewelry, there are possibilities that she may have gotten these items even before her husband became President. The bag might even be a gift to her.

Aisha’s womanliness commands the respect and admiration of her closest associates and even passing acquaintances. However, what makes her peerless has little to do with her gracefulness, beauty and infectious modesty; it has more to do with her towering humility, forthrightness and capacity to admit to imperfections that remain a blight to the most lovable mortal.

Ekua Abudu Gets Her Groove Back
• Channels passion into school following failed marriage
Eventually, even the fiercest storm abates in life’s tempestuous gulf. Hence it is hardly surprising that malicious rumours about Ekua Abudu have finally dissipated from the social arena. Ekua is no longer the butt of mean jokes and juicy gossips as her marriage has been let off the hook of controversy. And like the proverbial rampart in the thick of storms, Ekua Abudu’s faith in God provided her a worthy solace in those trying times. The fact that her marriage to Wale Abudu hit the rocks due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ is no longer a hot button issue. Ekua has moved on with her life and is currently savouring the success her career yields.

Having suffered a raw deal by wedlock, the founder of Greenwood House School, a private nursery and primary school in Lagos, has focused her attention on her educational project and business venture. Even though she failed woefully at marriage, she has distinguished herself as a force to reckon with in the world of education and industry.

Kayode fayemi’s wife, bisi, goes into ‘gele’ business
Many a man or woman who had won and tasted power or had it imposed upon him or her, with much understatement, find it extremely difficult to adjust to life without power. Stripped of the accoutrements and delightful frills of office, they wander about donning masks of moral fiber and nurturing behind their masks, an appalling and impregnable conceit of themselves. They find it even more cumbersome to relate with ordinary folks they had known before they came by power.

Ultimately, they choose to live lives of quiet displeasure if they no longer have access to the corridors of power. Caught amid ordinariness, if they do not blow their own trumpets, it is because they feel you are not fit to listen to the performance. However, Erelu Bisi fayemi, former First lady of Ekiti State, is remarkably different from such characters. Since she left office with her husband, Kayode Fayemi, Bisi is now into private businesses. She now runs ‘Gele outfit called Skente.

According to her “I have been doing Skente Gele for more than a year now. I have always liked Gele and people keep calling me “Erelu Skente” and it was like, why don’t I start something along this line called “Skente Gele?” It has been launched already and women have been rocking it to events. We are having a proper launch soon.” A very nice and decent woman, she maintained a life of pleasant decorum and sociability while in office and even outside the corridors of power. Beneficiaries of her friendliness testify that when she was the first lady, she honoured all invitations to events and high-octane parties.
Friends Serenade Ibori at 58
Old sins cast long shadows, claims a popular school of thought, but that may not apply to James Ibori, the former governor of Delta State who is currently serving a jail term in London. Last Thursday, August 4, James was 58. His children, friends and associates remembered him by putting up placards with inscription #BringBackJamesIbori#. The day presented another opportunity for real followers of the Oghara-born politician to register their support and admiration for the confined man. It had been hoped that only few people would remember his birthday, but it was not so as thousands of his admirers and followers remembered the most vocal advocate of ‘Resource Control’.

They went to town to display their loyalty for the UNIBEN-trained Economist /Statistician in a media carnival that saw them place conspicuous congratulatory advertorials in many Nigerian newspapers and magazines. While contents of some of the advertorials expressed thanksgiving for another year added to Ibori, many used the advertorials to offer prayers that the man who fled Nigeria to escape from the probing claws of EFFC be set free from his present travails. These shows and showers of affection underscore the fact that though he is confined abroad, his fame is legendary back here at home.