Gerald Anozobo Gets Back His Groove


At a time, multi-millionaire Gerald Azonobo aptly fitted the description of King of Groove, if there was anything like that.

Apart from his academic qualifications, his other credentials in the social circle, so to say, were that he drove posh cars, wore expensive designer watches and was a VIP card-carrying member of many A-list night clubs on the Lagos Island.

In fact, SPYGLASS gathered that club owners could afford to shut any other person out of their clubs as long as the man was around.

But suddenly, Azonobo’s face became a rarity at his regular hangouts and social events. This phase, no doubt, gave a lot of his friends a serious concern. During this period of hiatus, many claimed that Azonobo, aka Dagogo, was broke, while some maintained that he was only trying to kick some old habits. But one thing was obvious: many night clubs counted their losses with his new found ‘lifestyle’.

Interestingly, Anozobo seems to have found his groove, after experiencing a temporary reversal of status. Just as many were wondering what had really become of the top player in real estate, he made a sudden appearance.

Almost immediately, he, again, won the admiration of night clubs owners with his usual heavy spending. And many are quick to confirm that he has again got back his groove.