Sour Grapes…Intrigues as Mohammed Indimi’s Daughter, Rahma, Bewails Failed Marriage to Mohammed Babangida


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The rabble of medieval English county families baying for broken glass pales in comparison with the rancour currently tearing at Rahma Indimi and her estranged husband, Mohammed Babangida, scion of former military president Ibrahim Babangida dynasty.

Since their marriage hit the rocks, Rahma has known no peace. Having suffered the action and counteraction that projects the reciprocal struggle of discordant feelings in wedlock, Rahma was devastated to see her marriage crash to the disharmony that resulted from her protracted marital blues.

The daughter of billionaire businessman, Mohammed Indimi, was clearly one of those brides who, having gotten married, could not settle down to enjoy wedlock. Her marriage was ravaged and broken by upheavals. Despite hopes that she and her husband would survive the rigours and intrigues of celebrity marriage, they lost that loving feeling and the magic that imbues marriage with bliss.

Although the sordid details of their relationship is currently an open secret in high society circles, Mohammed, his family and friends are keeping the news as a closely guarded secret. Mohammed is reportedly shocked about how things degenerated to the point of separation between them. But he is taking solace in the fact that nothing happens without the imprimatur of the Almighty.

But while the son of Rtd. General Ibrahim Babangida rediscovers joy in the arms of his first love, Umuani, his estranged wife, Rahma, is stuck with the pain and intrigues of their separation.

Recently, Rahma reacted to the leaked audio of Mohammed and his wife purportedly posted online by her. She said she wasn’t the one who leaked it and does not in any way support the action.


The life of widows impute a horrid circumstance; it manifests different strokes of gloom on the poor, forlorn wives and mothers whose loss of their beloved husbands dole unequal miseries on to their circumstances. And none other understands this sad, brutish fact than the widows of the late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade.

The latter’s widows, besides being left with a home without a man, are forced to exist like rejects in a reality that does not yet exist. The late monarch’s widows can never remarry after the demise of their husband, so revealed a palace chief.

The chief, who pleaded anonymity, disclosed that the order was prescribed by the Ife tradition since the Ooni is not considered dead but to have transited to a higher realm. He reiterated that the Ooni still lives, stressing that it is forbidden for the widows he left behind to re-marry.

The late Ooni’s wives are Oloris Morisola, Ladun, Odunayo, Adedolapo and Linda and their ages range between 40 and 60. The first wife, Olori Yetunde, the mother of the first son, Prince Adetokubo, died some years ago, long before Oba Sijuwade. However, the first year remembrance of His Imperial Majesty, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, Olubuse II, held last Thursday, with a Thanksgiving Service at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Ayegbaju, Ife, followed by a grand reception at the Castle of Mercy, Ede Road, Ile-Ife.