Foreign Study: Nigeria Loses N155bn Annually to Foreign Countries, Says Don

  • ABU launches distance learning programme to check trend

Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

The Director, Ahmadu Bello University Distance Learning Centre, Prof. Adamu Zoaka Hassan, has decried the lack of facilities and space in Nigeria’s higher institutions of learning which, he said, has forced thousands of applicants abroad, thereby costing the country N155 billion‎ annually.

To this end, the school has launched its Distance Learning Centre (DLC) to mop up some percentage of qualified applicants that are unable to secure on-campus admission, thus putting Nigeria’s tertiary education system among the best in the world.

He lamented that the establishment of additional universities had not significantly alter the problem; hence, the decision by ABU to reverse the trend and help generate more revenue for the Nigeria economy.

Hassan made this known at a press conference held over the weekend in Abuja, adding that there was a need to review the educational delivery in Nigeria in line with current trends.

According to him, “There are over two million undergraduate applicants annually and less than thirty percent are admitted due to limited space and facilities. Tens of thousands of Nigerian students are compelled to study in foreign countries with over 71,000 in Ghana costing Nigeria over N155 billion annually.”

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