FG to Unveil New Blueprint for Elimination of Ghost Workers Wednesday


Dele Ogbodo in Abuja

Bent at total elimination of ghost workers from its payroll, the Head of Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita, on Saturday said government will on Wednesday unveil its Human Resource Management Information Infrastructure (HRMII), that will identify its genuine workforce.

The Head of Service who was guest to a radio programme, in Abuja, said government is making effort to clean its payroll also with the integrated payroll and personnel information mechanism.

she said: ” Right now there is cleaning up of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel information (IPPI) going on and a lot of things are actually coming out.

“On this as we have started on the verification exercise with the directorate cadre, now we are in level 14 and it is cascading down.

“And at the end of this verification we will get a clear picture of the genuine civil servants on the payroll.”

On the hardship facing retirees before collecting their stipends, she admitted that the pension system is facing serious problem, adding: “We are determined by the grace of God to end it before the end of my tenure.

“I have set up a tripartite team made up of the National Pension Commission, HoS and department in the ministries to harmonize this.”

Oyo-Ita stressed that government is working hard to find a blue print mechanism that can be applied for efficient payment for retirees.

And at the end of this verification we will get a clear picture of the genuine civil servants on the payroll.

She also that the implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) system has enhanced transparency and accountability in the collection of government revenues.

On the Civil Service week which begins tomorrow, she said: “I have drawn up a strategy for President Muhamamadu Buhari, waiting for approval and it is anchored on 4 pillars among which is to develop an ethic culture and a new welfare packages for civil servants.

“The package will be unveiled on Monday, during the civil service week with the theme innovation for civil service I the face of harsh economic challenges.

“The 1000 housing estate at Apo Abuja is one of the welfare programmes aimed at developing houses for civil servants.”

She also admitted that the capacity of the workforce in Service has fallen over the years, adding that there hasn’t been enough training.

“There will pre induction training for new intakes and structured training for older hand,” she said.