A Monday afternoon with duo of Olumide Adebayo and Gbenga Oladele of Leading Change Hospitality opened Omolola Itayemi up to the immense possibilities in the industry even as government continues to ignore the sector

What is Leading Change?

Leading Change is a training and Consultancy firm that specializes in hotels and hospitality industry.

Do you think there is a need for Leading Change in the industry?

Yes, the need for experience and quality staff by most organizations cannot be overemphasized, and which can only be provided for the esteemed clients by providing quality training which will lead to high productivity, cost control, effective operation system and proper handling of working material that will lead to increase in revenue.

Also, we provide training for front office, food and beverage, housekeeping, back office and accounts, human resources management, marketing and sales. And our training can also be tailored to meet the peculiar need of your organization.

What are some of the missing things in the industry, you want to change?

Basically, innovation in the area of providing tailor-made solutions to clients. Nigerians want easy, good and affordable products and services and we are here to help our clients deliver such services.

How will you rate the hospitality sector?

 We haven’t gotten there yet and not only in the hospitality sector. We look down at jobs like waiters, concierge and other personnel of the sector. But there is prospect; it’s all not gloomy. Energy is a huge problem for the sector like any other sector. Products, preservation and maintenance of goods and services used are a problem. Government which is supposed to help is killing business with several taxes.

What is the way out for hoteliers to break even in Nigeria?

I think we are doing ourselves a dis-service by not projecting what we have. Nigeria is a tourism destination but we are not exploring this, one of the various dis-advantages of oil boom.

Whether the industry likes it or not, it needs to embrace professionals. Like I said earlier on, we are here to train people, certify them and motivate staff.

Who are the professionals behind Leading Change?

Leading Change is a firm that you need because its facilitators are hoteliers with vast experience in the hospitality sector.

Most of them are product of the renowned Academie Accor (Quality and Service University) in France and they have worked in leading hotels internationally like Sofitel, Novotel, Southern Sun International. Leading Change brings a new dawn in hospitality industry.