‘God Has His Joshua in Ondo State’


Founder, Talk for Jesus, a Leadership Training Centre and pastor-in-charge of RCCG, Ark of Covenant Sanctuary, Lagos, Pastor Seun Oluade Fanokun in this interview with Mary Ekah, reveals how a vision from God led him to become one of the spiritual backers of the Tunji Ariyomo governorship project in Ondo State, a man he describes as the Joshua of today

What is your projection for the 2016 election in Ondo State?
I do not have a projection. I am not a seer. That is not my calling. I am also neither a politician nor a political activist. My anointing is the service of God and my participation thus far is strictly according to my calling and His leading. However, sometimes-early last year (2015), I received a vision on the leadership of Ondo State and the need for me to seek out a particular aspirant who bears the name of God.

God said he has his Joshua in Ondo State who has been prepared through a refining process by fire. This ‘Joshua’ is for a revival in Africa but God will use him as a tool starting with Ondo State. The message was very clear but confused me. So I began to pray and fast to be led aright. Each time I came about any name in the newspapers or from relatives, I would question God – is this he? Or her? I would then get a chastising from God. “Did I tell you to seek his size, his money or power?” This was because I was looking out for big men. I was also looking out for people bearing ‘Oluwasomething’, like Oluwasina, Olorunsola and so on because God told me his choice bears his name.

Was this over a possible governor in Ondo?
Yes. Over the coming governorship election to be precise, God told me to stop chasing after my own estimate and rather use His estimate. He added that when I do meet his anointed, His Spirit would minister to me right away and that the leader he has prepared is bigger than all the big men I was watching out for altogether. To cut a long story short, sometimes in July 2015, a page popped up before me on social media of an aspirant in the state they call Imole or Light. That is Tunji Light Ariyomo.

My heart skipped. I lost a beat instantly. I don’t know how to say it or explain it. The room became cold. Then it went back to normal. I went on my knees and started praying. Then I heard His voice that I should get up and go anoint him. The purpose of my prayer was to seek from God if I had the right person, but his voice directed me to proceed to anointing him. That was it. The rest, they say is history.

So you never knew or met him up till the time you came across him on social media?
Not at all! In fact, I never heard of him. I was the one that sent messages to his supporters to link me with him that it was very important I met him. Probably he was spiritually shielded from me so I could appreciate God the more. True to the words of God, on the day I came with God’s anointing oil to meet Engr. Ariyomo in Akure and I listened to him, I saw why God was laughing at me. In the middle of a crowd, Tunji Light is like any other person. But when you listen to him for five minutes, you immediately know that he carries a different anointing. Though young in age, he is bigger than my earlier big men all put together. Using human estimate, he is more experienced than all the others put together in the area of relevant experiences on how to use the instrument of political power to transform the land. Now it is interesting that Joshua is the anglicised form of Yahushua which is the Hebrew form of the Latin name Lesous which modern English version is Jesus, the exact name of our Lord who himself is the Light of the world!

Did God specify his political party?
No. I will not add a word beyond what I was given. I was asked to seek out a man. It happens that he is in APC. If he were in the PDP, I would still obey God because his ways are different from man. God has chosen Imole (Tunji Light Ariyomo) for this state. I am a messenger. I have delivered my message. I am not a politician. I do not collect money from politicians. Not even a kobo. I am however hundred per cent certain that if any other man of God approaches my father for direction, he would get this same answer. I am sure about that. He is not a God of confusion.

Any other genuine man of God who specifically seeks the face of God on Ondo State will receive this same revelation. I have my reason for saying this. I have seen testimonies from other men of God on the same subject. God will not force anyone. If Ondo State chose outside his choice, the consequence is that they will again operate outside his light. They will operate outside his fast track. Remember the experience of Israel? How they walked in the wilderness for 40 years before getting their road path clear.

I want our seniors in the vineyard to particularly take note and seek the face of God as I have done so they can confirm my message or otherwise. Let it be on record that I Oluwaseun Oluade Fanokun delivered this as directed and that it reached the people of the state and the different political parties. God is faithful.