Bedazzled! How Susan Hart-Kuku Tames and Titillates Hubby, Olorogun Sunny Kuku


•The enviable stirrings of their friendship and love

Susan Hart-Kuku is gifted in love. Like the fabled enchanteur from the renaissance era, she has got Olorogun Sunny Kuku forever pacing the Hadrian’s wall of her shoulder and dreaming of her maiden castle. In the same breadth, she has got him perpetually hooked on her cocktail of love. Since his eyes held with hers and they experienced their first touch, she sent shockwaves of love through his veins like radiant energy. Thus Olorogun Kuku became a string to be played by the nimble fingers of Susan, his beloved wife.

Very few women are capable of such feat. Indeed, very few wives are able to keep their husbands fulfilled and perpetually devoted to their wedlock.

Susan is capable of such deed. As you read, the ravishing beauty savours blissful matrimony with her husband. She relishes every minute of her garden-fresh union, basking in the glory of being an elegant consort of the renowned Olorogun Sunny Kuku.
The stunning winner of the MBGN 1994 is currently glowing and carrying on with a contagious glow found only among fulfilled society ladies, having found love in the hands of her heartthrob, Olorogun Kuku.

Ever since the couple announced their union as husband and wife, they have stuck together like Siamese twins. To prove their pliable and unshakeable love for each other, they have been touring the world together, enjoying every moment of their marriage as if every day is honeymoon.

He snatched the lightning shaft from tyrant magnates and the sceptre from industry titans, and by the time Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu was done with his brief as Group Managing Director (GMD), Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), he had virtually revitalised and sanitised the oil sector.

There is no gainsaying Kachikwu’s gallant strides in the NNPC. By sticking to his principles and elevating the culture of due process, he stepped on a lot of toes.

Highlife recalled that he incurred the ire of the infamous oil cabal at the inception of his administration. Many oil magnates were unhappy with the changes he made in the NNPC. Even political leaders like Bola Tinubu lost their patience with Kachikwu. The national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) took Kachikwu on over certain controversial appointments that he made while he was NNPC’s head honcho but Kachikwu like a cat with nine lives, has weakened Tinubu.

Kachikwu fought so many cabals and won. But despite his sterling achievements as NNPC boss, Kachikwu, who is also the Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, was recently relieved of his position as NNPC boss. However, his successor, the new GMD, Dr. Maikanti Baru, will report directly to the Minister of Petroleum Resources, President Muhammadu Buhari, instead of Kachikwu. But Kachikwu should not despair, argued pundits. The latter believe that he can make the best of his situation by ensuring the total economic and structural reform of the oil industry. Kachikwu should exploit his persuasive powers, and gift of oratory to pursue and implement far-reaching policy revolution in the oil industry.

In the beginning, Gbenga Sokefun’s claim to fame was that he was the manager of defunct girl-band, KUSH, comprising his younger sister, Toyin Sokefun (now TY Bello), Emem Ema, and Lara George. However, many would find out later that apart from being in the entertainment industry where he would also co-found Questionmark Records with his friend, Kevin Lucciano, Gbenga is educationally solid.

A US-trained lawyer, his wife Ronke, was at a time the Chief Legal Officer at Oando PLC. As time went by, however, gangling Gbenga was eased out of Questionmark. He would also be eased out of Ronke’s life in due course. The reason for their separation was not made public. While Gbenga has withdrawn totally from the social scene – having lost his estranged wife and beautiful mother of his son, Ronke to a violent gust of ego-tripping and juvenile quirks – Ronke is garnering accolades as a Commissioner in Ogun State. Like strange bed-fellows, Ronke and Gbenga, a veteran socialite stuck as one.

Wedlock seemed a promising enterprise to the contrasting personalities in the thick of their love. Then reality dawned like daylight of storms and bad mojo and Ronke decided to call it quits. Consequently, she is a husk of uncontainable joy as she savours her success at quitting the discomfort of her marriage to Gbenga. Her joy stems from her eventual separation from her fun-loving husband. And the reason is hardly far-fetched: she had been enduring his lifestyle, hoping that her man would change his ways. But alas, leopard hardly changes its spot. The marriage crashed.