‘We’ll Run an Efficient Council Area’


A chairmanship aspirant in Ijede Local Council Development Area of Lagos State on the All Progressives Congress party, Mr. Kazeem Olasunkanmi Obayemi, says he ready to uphold the idea of practical change if given the opportunity. He spoke to Shola Oyeyipo. Excerpts:

What’s your vision for the local government?
My vision is to go into projects and establish structure that will outlive my administration. I know what my people want. They need water, electricity, qualitative education, good roads and they want improvement in their livelihood. They also want employment and good health facilities.

How do you intend to realise these?
First is security. I will bring in a firm that will partner the council on security. Each CDA will provide two able and trusted young people, and their job is to secure their community from morning till evening before the security firm will take over at night. And I believe everybody will pay their dues because we have created jobs for their children and at the same time, secured their lives and properties.

Second is on environmental, which is my area of specialization. We are going to implement a law on refuse dump, and each CDA will also provide two young people that will work with the company provided by the council to handle environmental issues. Which I know all the CDA will comply. On that, my target is for Ijede LCDA to be the cleanest LCDA in the state. Another aspect of it is beautification. I will bring in a firm to partner the council on that.
On tourism, our water ways is another way of making money if well managed. We will invite the company that is handling Lekki water ways to come manage ours too. And that will be another source of income for the council and also, 50% of the staff that will work with the company will be provided by the CDAs.

What other areas are you looking at?
I’m going to set up a committee on the eradication of weeds. They will employ staff that will clear the bushes on behalf of the owners and their bills will be sent. I believe that’s another way of generating fund for the council, creating employment for the youths and also securing the environment.

On electricity, I will approach a solar power company to help us on a solar powered street light. I know with all these, within a year, Ijede is going to be one of the most beautiful and cleanest LCDA in Lagos State. I shall also create and promote a standard and modern market in the community, which is one of the things we lack. I will construct new roads across the various communities and I will also ensure a periodic grading of all the inner roads around the various communities.

Have you plans on scholarship and the aged?
There will be free scholarship scheme for the less-privileged children all around the communities. I want my government to be their new hope. There will be jobs for the abled ones among the aged, and others will be placed on salaries or allowances. I will provide a permanent solution to our people’s water problem. I will reactivate all the moribund boreholes in all communities. I will also construct new boreholes in each ward. In fact, I intend to construct five boreholes in each ward.