Can the Anti-corruption War Be Improved?


Although the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) has made the fight against corruption a cornerstone of this administration, opinions differ on how the war has been prosecuted so far; with allegations of bias, too much leniency, too little sanctions, slow tempo, absence of notable convictions and sentencing, among others. However, it is not in doubt that Nigeria must fight official corruption to a standstill to be able to develop. But, to you, how can the war be better prosecuted, to improve Nigeria’s development process?


* Yes, it can, by President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) remaining focused, un-intimidated and speedy in administering justice. PMB must emphasise need for patience and cooperation from the judiciary and Nigerians.
– Mr. Apeji Onesi, Lagos State

* This is certainly a biased fight against corruption, but what is really sickening is the impunity and lack of consideration with which disproportionate appointments, employments and recruitments are currently being made. This is in contravention of the federal character provision in our constitution. This is the worst kind of corruption there is because it lays the foundation for the other forms.
– Mr. Buga Dunj, Jos, Plateau State

* Buhari (PMB) is corrupt and most of his men are corrupt; and many others are fantastically corrupt.
– Mr. Reuben Sam, Toro, Bauchi State

* Anti-corruption war can be improved by formalising inter-agency working group on Nigerian kleptocracy. Internal discussion forum would be useful – sharing information, improving coordination between countries e.g. U.S Embassy in Nigeria, as well as policy makers, law enforcement. Better communication at the working level could facilitate stronger vetting of potentially corrupt Nigerians and discourage insulated decision-making.
– Mr. Dogo Stephen, Kaduna State

* Yes, the war against corruption can be improved with the EFCC and ICPC going for the sacred cows across board, even in the current administration. When the people see objective and conclusive prosecutions, convictions and sentencing, more whistle-blowers will volunteer information. PMB can do better than what currently obtains in this war, especially as regards the prosecution of his cronies and associates.
– Mr. Olumuyiwa Olorunsomo, Lagos State

* Yes, it can by the government seeing to it that the campaign is taken to the grassroots.
– Mr. Feyisetan Akeeb Kareem, President, Change Makers Forum and Coordinator CDHR, Ogwashi-Ukwu, Delta State

* No! Never!, until hypocrisy is banished from our system. I now realise that Buhari is just wearing anti-corruption mask to get at his enemies, opposition and those who speak for the voiceless. God will judge this government if it is truly sincere…it will be soon!
– Mr. Sonny Okobi, Lagos State

* I’m totally in support of the President’s move to sanitise the system. After all, somebody’s got to do it. However, I cannot say with all sense of responsibility that the president has been sincere concerning the individuals ‘targeted’. We should know, however, that the APC will not be in government forever and the opposition party that eventually takes over can probe the current president’s friends and allies that appear to be presently enjoying a sort of immunity.
– Mr. John Ogunsemore, Lagos

* Start by revamping the judiciary and the media and the fight for corruption will be successful.
– Mr. Daji Sani, Yola, Adamawa State

* It can indeed be improved if it is done with sincerity. There is no gain-saying as many who people believe are the worst culprits are being shielded away. PMB has a good mission for the nation but for his appointees. I can’t condemn them all and for the improvement of the war and to feel it he needs to stand the person we all know and brought to power.
– Hon. Babale Maiungwa, U/Romi, Kaduna

* Yes, the anti-corruption war can be improved by punishing culprits promptly, irrespective of whose ox is gored. People believe in jailing those high-profile rogues and nothing less. It will take Nigeria to the next level. God bless Nigeria.
– Miss Apeji Patience Eneyeme, Badagry, Lagos

* The anti-corruption war of the present administration must be commended by every well-meaning Nigerian, sentiments apart. In a heterogeneous country like Nigeria, it is not easy to fight corruption as corruption itself must fight back. For now, the anti-corruption war can improve if the lawyers who are making their services available for the corrupt politicians under the guise of human rights protection to escape justice refuse to do so. Judges must be seen to dispense justice fast regardless of who is involved.
– Mr. Mamudu Monday Dickson, EMS Nigeria, Ikeja, Lagos

* I think the anti-corruption war should not be seen as war but rather a cleansing. When you decide to thoroughly clean up your shelter, is it welfare? Appointments into the EFCC, ICPC e.t.c should be de-politicised and their bosses should publicly declare their assets before resuming duties.
– Mr. E. Iheanyi Chukwudi, B.A.R. Associates, Apo, Abuja

* Yes, the anti-corruption war can best be improved for our nation’s development by sanitising the judicial system and speeding up justice as delays can thwart the process.
– Ms. Saiki Ometere Tina, Gboko, Benue State

* Those saying Buhari is selective in his anti-corruption fight are rogues, with their family and friends looking for cheap blackmail to stop the fight. Nigerians should tell those accusing the President of being selective to shut up. The open impunity of sharing Nigeria common patrimony meant for defence is a clear case of wickedness. Enough is enough PDP should face the mess they put Nigeria into in 16 years. Leave Buhari alone to clean his own shop and let all the 36 state governments also probe how their finances were looted between 1999 and 2015 period!.
– Mr. Gbenga Akinmoladun, Retiree, from Lagos

* The intention of PMB-led administration to fight corruption is good. But in my opinion, the approach has been lopsided and it is looking like a witch-hunt of perceived enemies of PMB. I would love to see a more holistic approach for instance the probing of the 2015 PDP Presidential campaign fund should be extended the APC fund for fairness and justice. PMB should also understand that nepotistic appointments and employments is also corruption; he should look inward. Charity begins at home.
– Mr. Adejoh Abraham, FCT, Abuja

* Despite what people are saying that corruption fighting is one-sided, PMB has done well to recover some looted funds meant for development of Nigeria. Whatever someone is doing there must be criticism of your action. PMB should be focused to deliver the mandate given by Nigerians.
– Mrs. Ijeoma Nnorom, Lagos State


Yes, it can: 7
No, it cannot: 1
Others: 9
Radical tip: Revamp the Judiciary!
Total no of respondents: 17
Male: 14
Female: 3
Highest location: Lagos (8)

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