WIMBIZ Co-founder Tasks Olashore Graduates on Excellence


The co-founder of Women in Business, Management and Public Service (WIMBIZ), Mrs. Ibukun Awosika, has charged graduates of Olashore International School, Iloko-Ijesha, Osun State to strive for excellence during their valedictory ceremony recently.

As a guest speaker and an achiever, she spoke to the year 12 graduands on the expectation from their parents, families, alumni and society. “I congratulate you all as you end this phase of life in preparation for another. If you sum up all the school fees your parents paid all through your stay in school, you will understand that you have got an inheritance. Your parents have done their parts, now it’s up to you to do yours. It’s all about you, and what you will do with the inheritance.

“If you have written your story up till the end of Olashore, you can as well ask yourselves the next step to achieve more, such that when you attain the age of 60, you will look back and be proud of yourselves. Based on the decision you make each day of your life, your life book will be written. If you understand the value of the cost your parents have bestowed on you, it is better you turned them into personal decisions to make them proud.”

The Principal, Mr. Derek Smith, rated the graduating set uniquely saying: “The graduating set has been outstanding in their IGSCE exams and in initiating good ideas. They have been very good academically. In this graduating set, we have been able to see outstanding leadership skills. Once again, the selected prefects have excelled. They took on the role of leaders in the school and developed new ideas.

“They initiated the Olashore School Award. The event which they planned and organised, allowed students to identify role models within the school and celebrate them. This commitment to the Olashore Standard is something that has been evident not just in the prefects but across the year group.”

He commended the graduating students, while reiterating that each graduating set gets better than the other and that this set has done much more than expected.

In the euphoria of the valedictory service, the best graduating student, Miss MofiyinfoluwaOkupe, a 17-year-old lawyer-to-be, explained that the school has helped her literary and leadership skills to be brought up to date by giving her in the midst of peers the opportunity to be exposed to different scenarios in various leadership positions.

The Ogun State born with awards in nine subjects, said hard work, focus, dedication to God, getting priorities right, walking with the right set of people, and maintaining good relationships, are some of the qualities that helped to attain greater heights. She advised her juniors to take same steps in order to climb the ladder of success.

The outgoing Head Girl, Miss IremideArowolo, said the school taught her time management, responsibility, friendliness, confidence and punctuality, among others. She advised her fellow graduands to keep pushing forward despite challenges, and to her juniors, to keep striving for the best without taking anything for granted.

The outgoing Head Boy, Master Unokiwedi Patrick, stated that the school taught him to be a good leader through the skills instilled in him. He advised his fellow graduands never to forget their roots and to make an impact. He also urged his juniors to work hard as they trust in God.